Why hookups are good: Sex expert’s health advice

You might have heard before, casual sex is good for your health. Friends used to ask us, do you have someone for your health? Let’s see if it’s true and why exactly it’s important. Good hookup service freeapp dating.

Reduced stress level

In a today world, daily stress is enormous. We have so many duties at work and in our family, with elderly relatives or young kids. Only qualitative regular sex can decrease such a negativity.

But the reality is such, our long-term partner is too busy or, sometimes, lazy to satisfy us. Casual partners are also the most aroused for the first time when we’re still exotic to them.

That’s why one-night-stands are the best for the health of our nervous system and inner balance.

Hormonal stability

When we’re young, our hormones demand lots of sex, otherwise we are destabilized. When we’re older, there’s a danger we will grow old and sick too quickly. Regular sex prevents us from that.

When a woman cannot get pregnant, or a man develops problems with his prostate, the doctors suggest to make sexual life more intense. That’s why it’s a universal solution.

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