Which men choose Ukrainian women

Do you think a good (or cute, nice) guy is a compliment? Or is such a gentle formula, which is offensive, nothing?

Actually, women usually say they’d love to date nice guys. But for some reason in movies, books and commercials we see other stories: there success in women are not “good” and “cute”, but on the contrary, determined and self-confident (they say, cool) — and often not “good” — men. Movies, books and advertising do not lie — they adequately reflect the ingrained opinion in society: women will always prefer macho the most that neither is sweet and nice men.

Urbaniac and Killman note that women still expect from the “good guy” some additional bonuses. For example, ideally he should be able to share Hobbies and interests with them. Or be a bright personality, able to inspire your partner into the world of their interests. Because, as urban ironically point out, no good guy is going to be attractive if he turns out to be boring in the process.

A logical question: “Why they are so unique?”

Because I myself am half Ukrainian, all my life I live in Kiev. And I work more than 20 years with Ukrainian women. But if you find yourself close in nature, this article is for you.

Watching my clients, I often wonder: “Well, why do beautiful, smart, realized women so rarely have a happy marriage?”

Already in the first hours of stay in our country all foreign guests celebrate the beauty of our women! After all, only Ukrainian women go to work with makeup. High heels, feminine dresses, hairstyles and makeup — this is the daily norm for our girls and a rarity for overseas ladies.

And let it sound trite, but the first thing that “peck” foreigners — is appearance.

Family values follow. It seems that foreign men think that in the DNA art to create comfort in the house to cook and take care! For most Ukrainians daily household chores are a natural order of things and not only do not cause discomfort, but also bring pleasure. Regular General cleaning and delicious fresh borsch-in our region are not considered a feat. American, French, Italian — definitely more concerned about their careers.

Foreigners appreciate the beauty in Ukrainian women

Speaking of career, do not forget that our beautiful Ukrainian women not only manage to be beautiful Housewives. Many have higher education, are interesting interlocutors and quite well adapted to life that allows them to work in absolutely different spheres.

Marriage contract: to Sign or not

Why do foreigners “hunt” for Ukrainian brides? Because only a Ukrainian woman can work, take care of her family and home, and always look great and support her man! It is the harmonious combination such a big amount of qualities that makes Ukrainian brides so popular.

What are they, girls from small Ukraine?

The first thing that catches the eye – strong. The second – freedom-loving.  Their favorite phrase is “I am.”

This can be explained by the fact that on the territory of our country there were wars, revolutions, repressions, Holodomor, which carried away millions of brave and strong men. The woman was forced to become a breadwinner and raise children herself. This information was fixed in several generations of the people.

But it would be very simple. And I realized that the desire to lead a life lies somewhere deeper, in the roots of Ukrainian women. And here I came across an interesting scientific studies that have established the genes of modern girls the roots of the foremothers of women. I will present only some of their conclusions.

Starting from 30-45 thousand years ago Ukrainians chose more often not the strongest and won in a duel for it, and the worthiest to leave with it from a tribe and to become part of its people. Yes, the gene of adventurism and thirst for knowledge of the new are inherent in us since ancient times. And it wasn’t a betrayal. She just chose a better life for her children, her descendants. Neanderthals fought on our lands all the time. And when modern girls showed the type of Neanderthal, no one found it attractive. It is believed that this taboo is subconsciously transmitted from mother to daughter and stretches from ancient times: “He can not be the father of your children, he is rude, cruel, he is the enemy.” The invaders had no chance to influence the genes of another nation. An exception was made only if they brought more advanced technology, a higher culture and something good.

In the tribes of mammoth hunters always honored women, because, after the wedding, the man went to live with her family.

Patriarchy in Ukraine has never taken root. Since the stone age, a kind of cult of women, which arose in the Middle and Upper Dnieper (where archaeologists found many statues and statues of women) migrated to Tripoli culture and remained on this land forever. Matriarchy existed as respect for the woman — ancestor, assistant in hunting. The word “wife” in Ukrainian is “squad”, which can be interpreted more as a friend.

Modern researchers have come to the conclusion that the family way of life on our earth is unique in everyday matriarchy and has not changed since the ice age. Therefore, the Ukrainian proverb: “Husband is the head, and wife is the neck, where the neck will turn, there the head looks” – is very accurate and exclusive.

Every woman just wants a sincere and honest relationship without lies and falsehood. I want to know what they think about you and you will not betray. I want to trust my man and just relax. But before carrying out such experiments, it is necessary to get acquainted with the corresponding girl. To do this, it is necessary to put in order their appearance and awareness of what is important in the cultural life of the world. You have to be worthy of the best woman, otherwise when you meet her, the lady will just pass by.

It’s real with a foreign husband.

In his homeland, the woman does not worry about what to feed the children tomorrow, that the winter boots are completely worn out, that the salary is again delayed, and the washing machine does not work again. They don’t have that problem. They have the opportunity to devote time to themselves, their family and their Hobbies.

Ukrainian women are increasingly turning to international Dating services for serious relationships, marriage agencies and on Dating sites with men only for the sole purpose — to find a groom from America, Europe, Canada or Australia. What is so good about these strangers?

The man is usually a foreigner:

  1. Responsible.
  2. Successful.
  3. Telling the trues.
  4. Clean.
  5. Modest

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

1. Responsible.

From a very young age they are taught responsibility and independence. In schools, they learn to analyze and apply their knowledge in practice. Finding a dozen solutions to each problem, they will definitely choose the best and immediately bring it to life.

2. Successful.

In the West it is fashionable and prestigious to be successful. Men do not go into a binge and do not be lazy to work, because they are well aware that on their shoulders lies the burden of responsibility for the whole family. They always have a clear goal to which they are steadfastly striving. They blame no one but themselves for their failures.

3. Telling the trues.

They do not even have the thought of treason, because they do not understand why do it when they have such a beautiful woman. In everyday life, they do not share responsibilities with his wife. If a man knows how and can cook, sit with children, wash dishes — he will do it and it will not need to ask and persuade. He would do it himself. For no reason. Just because it’s customary. Just because he is.


They do not expect that for them someone will do the cleaning or wash the dishes, because there is simply not accepted that a woman should clean. Household duties there are not divided into male and female.


They really appreciate their wives. For a Western man it is normal to go for a walk with a child, in order for his wife to rest. They love their chosen ones and do not want to burden them with unnecessary work. When he has a free moment for it — he will certainly offer it himself.

Such a man is difficult to meet without the help of an international marriage Agency, besides, not every Western man fits this description, but this is a description of our typical client. It is because he knows the value of his time, such men do not sit on free resources with scanty hope to find their soul mate. Finding a husband is a lot easier than it sounds. Such men want the real thing. They need real love, a real woman.

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