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Where to meet Ukrainian women without going to Ukraine

Everyone is fascinated with their own personal passions. Gentlemen from different parts of the World adore women of certain personalities, despite the fact that the countries of their descent may not be very hospitable. Of course, love has no boundaries, but, frankly, Ukraine is not the best place to visit in Europe. 

Lucky you, there is a lot of countries all over the World where Ukrainians live peacefully and retain their unique traits. The Ukrainian diaspora is quite numerous, and they have been scattered across all the continents. It would be rational of you to try and meet Ukrainian women closer to your home rather than far away in an inhospitable country.


Canada is a fascinating place by itself, being a snowy land, where most people live in a few cities just across the border with the USA. Moreover, it’s home to the biggest Ukrainian diaspora in the World. Whereas the population of Canada herself is a bit bigger than 37 mil people, 1.2 of them are of Ukrainian origin

The cities with most Ukrainians are Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. The biggest amount of Ukrainian immigrants chose Winnipeg their new home, for some reason. Nowadays 100.000 of them live here, which means that roughly 15% of the city consists of these Eastern European fellows. Thus, there’s a big chance you meet Ukrainian women just walking outside.

Ukrainian immigrants in Canada


But sure, apart from a possible love interest, there’s not much to see in a town like Winnipeg. Being a rational man, you would certainly like to have fun as well as build a relationship. Ukrainians of Toronto are much less numerous, and the city itself is much more populated (2.5 million next to 0.6 million in Winnipeg), therefore, it’s a bit more challenging to meet Ukrainian women here.

But it’s not impossible, especially if you happen to have some device with some omnipresent supply of information people like to call ‘the Internet’.

Spooky thing, but browsing through social networks, the city website et cetera, you may just find yourself a date online or figure out where exactly the minorities of certain city dwell.

Toronto is better fitting for such kind of travel, and there is a bunch of reasons:

  • You can date AND have fun;
  • There’s a lot to see for you personally;
  • It’s close to NYC, in case you live in the American North-East;
  • Niagara Falls!

Alright, back to the topic.


While a very obvious destination for such kind of tourism, as two nations: Russia and Ukraine — are considered ‘sisters’, it’s quite uncommon to see a Ukrainian-speaking person in Russia.

While people with some relativity to the Ukrainian ethnos in Russia total about 2.5 million of constant inhabitants, it’s next to nothing compared to the overall Russian population of almost 150 million people.

But there’s still a solid chance. For example, 60.000 out of 5.000.000 inhabitants of St. Petersburg are Ukrainian.


Even though Crimea is de facto under Russian control since 2014, the Ukrainian diaspora here doesn’t move anywhere. One could think that a former part of Ukraine would hold more Ukrainian-speaking populace. But no, only 300.000 of them are sprinkled across the peninsula.

52 thousand of them live in Sevastopol — the economic center of Crimea. You’ll undoubtedly meet Ukrainian women there. And if it doesn’t work out — there are a few Russian ladies as well.

The websites representing the Ukrainians of Crimea may be hard to dig out though, as many of them are a bit or very politicized. However, Crimea is a decent resort as well, not as luxurious as their counterparts further to the West, but still quite decent. 

Keep in mind that you can be banned from ever visiting Ukraine if you try to come to Crimea without their license (provided you are any noticeable of a person).

Anywhere else in Russia?

These are pretty much the only two places you would want to travel to meet Ukrainian women outside of Ukraine but don’t get sad. There’s still a big chance that a Ukrainian lady you meet online and on your own lives in Russia.

To figure out if she is of Ukrainian origin, try looking at her second name (the list of the Ukrainian surnames is here for your leisure) or just ask her, your call.


Somehow every somewhat oppressed group of people dreams of coming to Brazil in large quantities, people from West Ukraine included. 

The precise amount of them in the country is difficult to estimate, but it’s somewhere between 400.000 and 1.000.000. The central hub of this culture in Brazil is the state of Paraná in the southern part of the country. Here they live next to many other European immigrants, and nobody prohibits them to practice their religion and speak their language. 

That’s why they are still largely carriers of their own culture and barely changed since the first arrivals. That means if you live somewhere close to Brazil or just wanted to come here — by all means, consider coming to Paraná.

Ukrainian immigrant girl in Brazil

United States

You are probably American and opened this topic to check if there are any Ukrainian ladies living in New York (much like Russian live in Briton Beach). Well, if you assumed so — you’re right.

New York

Alongside every other ethnicity in the World, the Big Apple holds a considerable community of Ukrainian immigrants, called ‘Ukrainian East Village‘. This diaspora lives, as the name states, in the East Village district. The community is pretty diverse, even though they are pretty much united by their anti-Russian sentiment today.

There have been many waves of Ukrainian immigration toward this place, hence the diversity. People are divided by the number of factors, like religion, language, social position and so on. And if you want to meet Ukrainian women here – alright, they are not that scarce in there. The population of the Ukrainian East Village is about 150.000.

Other places in America

That’s not all: 900 thousand Americans derive from Ukraine, and 300 thousand of them even were in their Motherland before. There are only three states worth mentioning though: Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California.

They mostly live on either the West or East Coast, but you’re very lucky if you live in the North-East, because apart from New York and Pennsylvania, there also is Canada just across the border.

The rest of the globe

The logical thing to do would be to choose a country, that both has a large Ukrainian population and a not so monstrous number of native people. Canada fits the description perfectly, but it may not be so comfortable to travel there for some people. 

There are also a lot less populated places with the much less numerous Ukrainian communities. This means, though, that the overall portion of this ethnic group in said countries is pretty big. The list contains countries like:

  • Moldavia (180.000/3.500.000)
  •  Belarus (150.000/10.000.000)
  • Kazakhstan (330.000/18.000.000)
  • Slovakia (35.000/5.000.000)
  • Latvia (45.000/2.000.000)

There are also places that qualify as ‘not-Ukraine’ with a large portion of Ukrainians inside them, like Transnistria and Donetsk’s and Luhansk’s People’s Republic. But you must’ve already grasped that they are not quite fitting for such kind of tourism, as they are not recognized by any country in the World and are at war at the moment.

In conclusion

Certainly, it’s not everything you’d need to find a partner in any part of the World. Apart from generally being an interesting person, you’ll have to do a big dull job of figuring out what forums and websites the object of your interest may visit. That is if you want to meet Ukrainian women online and then proceed offline.

Consider it a guide on where to go. Check out other materials on this website to know more about dating itself. And if you’re not a big fan of reading – come see this video:

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