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What to do so the hot Ukrainian bride will fall in love with you

I often see that men attempt to get girls with reciprocity and love. The problem is that we are inspired by the same ideas since childhood. The girl needs care, a knight, she needs to be cared for, protected and carried in a man’s arms.

Many men believe that their women do not want to hear their opinion. The man is at a standstill and does not know what to do and how to make a hot Ukrainian bride desire him? Confused, he follows these erroneous rules.

A lot of relationships and marriages break up precisely because of the men who were the best versions of themselves and dominated with the girls at the beginning of their relationships.

Later, when they got what they wanted, suddenly began to allow themselves frivolity and weakness, became apathetic and gave the reins to their girls, and that is a bad thing to do.

Make her wish you

Men often forget about such an important thing – girls always, absolutely always, even after 20 years of marriage will monitor you on how much you are the man who met them in the beginning. A sort of monthly qualification on man qualities.

You should constantly keep that in mind if you are looking for a long lasting relationship with a hot Ukrainian bride. They do not tolerate if a man ceases to be a man in their eyes. As a rule, Ukrainian ladies lose their respect towards such men and leave them.

What is the right thing to do?

It is a myth imposed by the girls themselves and inexperienced men, who listen to them. It says there is a mechanism of procreation in every girl. Think about it – if the girl was able to seduce a weak man, who is not able to do anything, what would look like the human race nowadays?

Most likely, it would be insecure creatures, incapable of procreation. In this case, nature would have destroyed itself. Why? It is simple – to protect the home from predators, get food and support the family, you need strength. To raise a child, you need care and tenderness.

These two factors cannot be combined. Only in the modern world, where the rights of women and men are mixed, it appeared, and the eternal question arose, how to fall in love with a girl in the modern world?

Where to start?

Let us start with history, because the whole secret lies in the human gene. Our distant ancestor-dad, to win mom, had to be confident. Insecure male’s nature has to protect itself – he just could not get a girlfriend, and even kill the predator.

Imagine such a situation – there is a hunter in front of us. He has been lying in wait for days, running out of food, on the verge of exhaustion. Before him appears his prey that he needs to kill in order to feed himself and his lady. We see the chain – in order to feed himself, his wife and child, our ancestor had to be strong, confident and a good strategist.

Doing this things will help you succeed in getting a Ukrainian beauty as soon as possible. Your task is to show your confidence and dominance. If you think that the modern world has different rules when it comes to meeting girl, you should change your mind.

What do most of the men do when they have a steady girlfriend? That is right – they relax. The leadership frame disappears in them. Of course, as soon as you do not pass this exam – the girls begin to look for a new relationship on the side, as no one needs rags.

Be confident in her eyes

Then men sit and do not understand what has even happened? Everything was so awesome; why did she leave? What did I do wrong? If a man starts to blame his ex-girlfriend, it is a completely wrong conclusion.

To avoid such problems and organize a strong, long lasting relationship, you need to learn to dominate in the relationship.

Nature has the upper hand

If he thinks, “how to fall in love with a Ukrainian girl?”, “and what if it’s not that girl?” “what if she’s a bad mother,” “what if I can’t feed her?” then he will die a bachelor, the chain will be broken.

He comes home, his wife and children are hungry, they do not get the vitamins and weak, the children get weak, and if the child survives, it inherits the uncertainty of the father and weak immunity due to poor nutrition.

It turns out that the children of the son will have even less chances to survive, moreover, nature eliminates all unsure males with a special mechanism inherent in each girl. Women unwittingly come up with the most difficult way to “test” men.

Your goal is to withstand all these tests and checks and to show your determination and masculinity. It becomes quite obvious why Ukrainian women prefer to date wild men. They just cannot resist to their hormones and feminine nature.

They are likely to have sex and raise children with a man who can bring enough food to their home than doing the same things with a ”true” gentleman. It may seem a bit offensive but almost every Ukrainian hot bride still depends on her old habits and hormones.

How to behave with a Ukrainian girl?

The Ukrainian lady, under the influence of hormones, can say one thing and do another. If the husband will always listen to his wife – he will not succeed. On the first date, a man reaches for the lady, she answers him as standard:

  • not now;
  • moves away;
  • removes his hand;
  • offers to postpone, then names the variety of reasons;
  • does not agree with the man who offers his point of view.

Her mother genes that eliminated a weak man. Imagine what it would be like if a man went the way a lady offers him. He still would have achieved “Yes” it is “alternative” nature – if a man is not confident enough, but was able to woo a girl for a long time, until she was not used to it – it means he is patient and enduring, which is also good.

Show your true nature to a Ukrainian beauty

Is not it easier to control a girl?  No need to think about how to fall in love with a girl and looking for the secret trick, after which every Ukrainian hot bride will be yours.

The main secret is confidence and its frequent training. No need to think, we need to act, thoughts clog our mind. If for the first seconds you will come up with an excuse and do not conquer a woman – ladies will always guide you.

Take control of the situation

You do not have to agree with her, you have to take control. You are the leader, you know better. In this case, you close this chain much faster. It is possible to give a simple example – the lady says that, ideally, sex should be after 5 – 10 dates.

In practice, it happens after 1-2 dates. The girl’s story about 10 dates is for the weak. It is a long circle for the uncertain, patient, hardy, “an ideal” male person.

As practice shows in the US, every fifth child is brought up not by his own father. The Pope brings up the son of the one who did not go “the long way”, and immediately took the fortress prisoner, conquered the impregnable castle.

When a Ukrainian girl sees a confident man, she is instinctively ready to submit to him. Success does not depend on the man’s behavior; it depends on the girl’s mood.

What kind of men do Ukrainian girls fall in love with?

As practice shows, love is the work of the lady’s subconscious. The main qualities for children to whom a Ukrainian lady devotes most of her life should be:

  • strength (moral, emotional and physical);
  • endurance (emotional and physical);
  • confidence.

She is constantly looking for these qualities in men. Not beautiful clothes, perfume and expensive glasses or watches. They cannot guarantee strength and confidence.

The best means to develop these qualities are:

  • frequent training;
  • shop communication;
  • conversations with strangers at the bus stop;
  • communication on the way;
  • conversation with a neighbor on the landing.

The more often – the better. The role of the actor is a great experience in improving the above-mentioned qualities.

You should pretend to be a real actor, who does not get upset if something has gone completely wrong. Even if a hot Ukrainian bride rejects you, it does not mean that you should cease your attempts.

Remember that sooner or later your will get the desired attention. It is possible only after several refusals.

It is also another man test, if he gets upset, show uncertainty – it shows girl’s influence. So do not be upset, do not lose the brand and go on their track.

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