What makes Ukrainian women so beautiful

What makes women pretty – secrets behind the Ukrainian type of beauty

If you’ve recently joined a Ukrainian dating site, you may be overwhelmed by the number of gorgeous girls looking for love and marriage abroad. Women from Ukraine are famed for their particular type of beauty that seems to be unmatched anywhere else on the plant? So what makes women pretty in this part of Eastern Europe? Is there any logical explanation to their stunning looks?

There should be a reason why there are so many gorgeous females in Ukraine, otherwise how one would explain the number of astonishingly beautiful women in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov and other cities? Let’s have a closer look at this question.

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Enriched genetics

Ukraine has always had a turbulent history, and while it’s not exactly a positive thing for a nation, frequent envisions and wars resulted in a subtle blend of different genetics. With so many nations making their contribution to the genetic pool of the country, it comes as no surprise that the results are so impressive.

Beautiful Ukrainian ladies are known for their high cheek bones, hazel or brown eyes, harmonious facial features, slim bodies and excellent proportions. There are traces of different races and nationalities in the appearance of Ukrainian people. Over the centuries genetics of Slavic people in this region had been mixed with genetics of Mongols, Tatars, Turks, Vikings, Persians, Germans, Poles and so on.

While lots of countries in Western Europe and other regions of the world remain relatively untouched for extended periods of time, Ukraine was always in the middle of many political conflicts. These days Ukrainian women are known worldwide for their attractive looks, but it’s difficult to describe a typical women from this country, because there are so many contrasting types of the local beauties.

Competing for a man’s attention

This shouldn’t be perceived literally, but Ukrainian women continuously compete with each other for a man’s attention. There are less men than women for marriage in Ukraine, and only a small percentage of those men is actually classified as a worthy husband material.

Unfortunately, the local males are known for their alcohol and drug addiction, as well as lack of responsibility where taking care of a family and raising kids is concerned. However, even the least inspiring of them can easily find a girlfriend.

Under such circumstances, it’s very difficult for woman to find a boyfriend or a husband, and only the most attractive and accomplished ones manage to get a partner. Needless to say, it awakens competitive spirit among women, and they try to look as pretty and alluring as possible. This is one of the potent factors that have to be considered when answering the question what makes women pretty in Ukraine.

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Extensive grooming

Keeping herself attractive is also part of a Ukrainian female’s upbringing. Girls are taught to take good care of their appearance since they are very small. A typical Ukrainian woman rarely leaves her home without a perfect makeup, beautiful hairstyle, carefully polished nails and fashionable accessories.

Looking attractive is part of a successful woman’s image. Also, a pretty Ukrainian lady cares for aesthetics in every aspect of her life: she likes to keep her home beautiful, and same attitude applies for her garden, work place, car and external looks.

Besides, the majority of Ukrainian women boast an inborn sense of style. They manage to look smart and stylish even in the most ordinary clothes. And speaking of clothes, a Slavic girl cares a lot for her wardrobe. Irrespective of her income, she has a nice set of outfits for every occasion.

Ukrainian women favour feminine style of dressing which is bound to contribute to their gorgeous looks. As you walk along the streets of any Ukrainian city, you’ll see a lot of pretty girls in flowing dresses, miniskirts, stockings, high heels, crop tops, figure hugging outfits and what not. Many of them are fascinated by glamour and luxuries looks of western celebrities, and they’ll do their best to look high-profile even if their financial situation is a cause for concern.

Active lifestyle

When one wonders what makes women pretty in Ukraine, it’s also necessary to mention their healthy lifestyle. Ukrainian men and women share the same genetics, yet males tend to lose their looks as early as at the age of twenty five. Females, on the contrary, keep their good looks for decades to come.

The difference is in day to day lifestyle, as well as in eating and drinking habits. Alcohol consumption is considered a sign of masculinity in the Ukrainian society, and boys start drinking since their teens. Losing their looks in their mid twenties is the least of the problems they experience.

Ukrainian girls, on the contrary, avoid drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Their lifestyle is geared towards sports, healthy eating and keeping in shape. They workout in the local gym or at home, jog in the park, cycle and play badminton on regular basis. They also stay active throughout a day.

A typical Ukrainian girl would work or attend University, take some classes for elf-development, meet friends, do chores, walk her dog, meet her friends and so on. Women in Ukraine also tend to walk a lot – a car is not something an average can afford, and public transport in many cities are far from being satisfactory. So a woman would walk to her workplace and back, and this is one of the best fitness routine ever.

Secrets behind the beauty of Ukrainian pretty women

Attractive appearance is nothing without inner beauty

We’ve discussed what makes women pretty in Ukraine, but stunning external looks is nothing without rich inner world. It’s the inner beauty that defines the secrets behind a Ukrainian woman’s charm. Ukrainian women boast shinning intellects, good manners, good reading habits, kindness, homely nature and the right set of values where romantic relationships and marriage is concerned.

Good education

The majority of Ukrainian ladies are well educated and a real pleasure to talk to. Having a degree is encouraged by the Slavic society – a woman should be able to make her own living if necessary. At the same time, if they were to choose between brilliant career and a happy family life as a housewife, they would go for the latter without a second thought.

 A Ukrainian woman can’t imagine her personal happiness without being a caring mother and a devoted wife. There is also an admirable culture of reading in Ukraine – it’s not uncommon to see reading girls in buses, metro, cafes, parks and so on.

A vast general knowledge makes a Ukrainian lady a great conversationalist and an interesting partner to spend one’s life with. Her bright intellect complements her attractive looks, and makes her a wonderful person to have around.

Kindness and gentle nature

Ukrainian women are also compassionate and sympathetic by nature, which adds massively to their attractiveness. They are able to feel someone else’s pain and are always ready to offer their help. They also appreciate kindness in a partner – if you look through profiles of Ukrainian ladies on dating sites, the majority of them mention kindness as one of the key qualities their future husband should possess.

When you think of aggressive business ladies and ruthless feminists in the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe, a charming Ukrainian girl with kind eyes and gentle smile makes a beautiful contrast.

We’ve mentioned what makes women pretty in Ukraine, but these factors vary from person to person. When you get to know one of the Ukrainian beauties better, you’ll make out what makes her so attractive on your own. Stereotypes and generalizations fail to work where love is concerned. Good luck with your searches!

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