Sending a bouquet of flowers for a Ukrainian girlfriend

Ukrainian ladies online: a guide to sending them flowers

If you are talking to Ukrainian ladies online and would like to develop a romantic relationship with one of them, sending her flowers is a must. In the west, giving the object of your affections a bouquet of flowers is a fairly straightforward gesture. You may or may not bother to even choose the flowers yourself – if you have a working relationship with a reasonable florist, you could simply call in and tell him what you’d like on the card, and ensure that your intended has a fairly reasonable bouquet without even looking at it (if you don’t recognize your own bouquet when you visit her, you’re liable to get in trouble, though).

Beautiful Ukrainian lady with a bouquet of flowers

However, things are completely different in Ukraine. A great majority of women there love flowers, and there’s such a culture of giving women bouquets that every woman has already received a good many in her lifetime, and will tend to judge yours from that rather experienced point of view. Not only that, but there are a few cultural quirks and oddities in regards to giving flowers in Ukraine and Slavic countries that you need to know about. But don’t worry about a thing, because this article will bring you up to speed.

Don’t give a woman an even number of flowers

Does that surprise you? Who cares whether the number of flowers in a bouquet are odd or even, right? The answer? Slavic women do! In Slavic countries, there are all sorts of odd supersitions related to flowers. For example, in many Slavic countries, even numbers of flowers are traditionally used in funerals, so there are very unpleasant connotations attached to giving someone an even number of flowers. It is actually tantamount to signifying that you wish the person dead.

Ridiculous as this may sound to the educated western man, it’s actually simply a question of cultures. These traditions have been inculcated into Slavic girls from a young age, and so even a highly educated young woman will tend to hold to them.

Intriguingly enough, even a smaller odd number of flowers is considered better than an even one, and a person will sometimes be happier with receiving just a single flower than at receiving twenty.

It’s especially important to be wary on important even-numbered dates, when this rule might slip your mind, for example, on the eighth of March. Alternatively, if her birthday falls on an even date, just as the twenty second, you might want to give her twenty three flowers instead of twenty two.

Pay attention to Women’s Day

Speaking of the eighth of March, Women’s Day, it is far more important a day in Ukraine than Valentine’s Day is in the west. This was the day women there finally got the right to vote, and, when you think about it, the importance of the holiday makes a lot of sense.

After all, Valentine’s Day in the West is a highly commercialized event that is taken full advantage of by companies who want people to buy their greeting cards and flowers and chocolate, and so on, but Women’s Day in Ukraine is a day with real meaning, the day women were recognized as equal citizens. If you talk to Ukrainian ladies online, the chances are they’ll mention the importance of the 8th of March to you.

Now that you know how important this day is, you’ll not be liable to forget it. So what flowers should you get your intended on this day? Mimosas are excellent, but some lovely tulips would not be out of place either. These flowers are particularly appropriate, as they symbolize the beginning of spring – another very important event in a country particularly dominated by grey skies and cold winds and rain in autumn and winter.

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Choosing flowers for a Ukrainian woman you date online

Order early for public holidays

Another thing to remember when ordering flowers in Ukraine, is that you need to do so well in advance, as flowers tend to be in short supply on important days, which makes sense, when you consider that everyone is giving someone flowers. This especially holds true for public holidays like the eighth of March.

Choosing the colours of your bouquet

In the west, colours in a bunch of flowers tend to be chosen on the basis of aesthetics – not so, in Slavic culture. In Slavic culture the colours of flowers have a special significance. For example, one must never give a woman yellow flowers. Yellow is the colour of inconstancy and it will signify to her that you are likely to prove unfaithful, which is, of course, hardly the impression you wish to covey.

Yellow is also supposed to signify that a relationship will not last very long.

And this is not what Ukrainian ladies online expect from a relationship with a foreign man. So which colours are most suitable?

  • Pink roses are really the best, as they signify affection, though they best suit younger women.
  • A red, red rose, of course, signifies love and passion all the world over, and is perhaps the most romantic floral gesture of all.
  • In the initial stages of a relationship, white roses are a most elegant gesture.

Sending flowers to a member of the family

If you happen to wish to send flowers to a member of the family of your beloved, then you had best choose hues of blues and pinks, and perhaps even shades of orange – these are bright colours, and make for very cheerful bouquets; yet at the same time these are considered neutral shades.

Avoid red carnations

Finally, a small point to mention, or rather, a small flower, the red carnation. You must never give a woman you are in a relationship in red carnations, as in the Soviet world, they were solely used for official holidays – and official funerals. As you know, there used to be rather a lot of funerals, both official and unofficial, in those days, depending on how well you were liked, or disliked, by those in power in the party. Anyway, the flower has not-very-pleasant connotations, and should be avoided.

Ask her what she likes

The interesting thing is that flowers do not always have to be a part of a surprise in Ukraine. All the Ukrainian ladies online you are talking to are very used to receiving flowers. Rather than guess what flowers a woman likes, it might be better to simply ask about her preferences. After all, if a single Ukrainian lady you’re trying to conquer considers a bouquet of roses unimaginative (and some women do), and prefers violets, it’s best you bring her what she actually likes. In any case, asking about what a woman likes shows attentiveness and consideration, and women appreciate that even more than flowers.

Giving flowers to a Ukrainian woman

What to bring her when you’re visiting her home

However, when you visit a Ukrainian woman at home, you need to be a little more conservative as to your choice of flowers. After all, the flowers you bring her here will probably end up somewhere on a table in her home. So being a little reserved will probably put you in the family’s good graces. The last paragraph mentioned violets – they are an excellent choice for a bouquet when you’re visiting a woman’s house, as are daffodils.

If you gift your beloved a plant in your pot (which is not a bad idea, incidentally), make sure it’s a kind that’s easy to take care of, and one that the family will be glad to have around the house. Before giving such a gift, observe what kind of plants they’ve already had at home, if any – it will give you some ideas.

Give her the most impressive bouquets

Don’t disappoint the woman of your dreams. Remember that she has probably received a lot of bouquets in her life, so make yours really stand out. Take your time choosing the flowers, or get the florist to help you with that, if you’re not too sure of your own sense of aesthetics. Then get the florist to go all out to make that bouquet the most impressive you have ever seen. Do that, and it’s likely it will be the most impressive she’s ever seen too, and in Ukraine, that is certainly impressive. Demonstrating your feelings through flowers is a sure way to make a Ukrainian woman fall in love.

These were only some recommendations on how to choose flowers for Ukrainian ladies online. But the most important thing to remember that it’s the thought that count, and the fact of you giving flowers will be appreciated regardless the colours or varieties.

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