Ukrainian women searching foreign men for dating and marriage

Ucranian women: how to impress them on the first date

There is no second chance to make a first impression. It’s especially true when you date someone from another culture. If you’ve decided to date Ucrainian women, most probably you’ll have to start online, and then eventually you’ll make a trip to Ukraine.

If you manage to play your cards right, you’ll get to have a romantic relationship with one of those stunning Eastern European beautifies that make your jaw drop when you look through the photos on international dating sites. If you don’t, you’ll come back home with nothing.

But don’t worry, dating in Ukraine is no more difficult than dating anywhere else in the world. You just have to arrive well equipped in order to impress a woman of your dreams – there are certain rules for a date with a Ukrainian girl. Also, you should be aware of certain cultural peculiarities in order to avoid making mistakes. So what should you know about the dating etiquette in Ukraine? How would you make sure your first date is a great success?

Dating Ucrainian women as a foreign man – tips and tricks

Flying to her country is a good idea

As mentioned above, you will probably start talking to your potential partner online, and will form a bond with her in this way, but at some point, unless you are a medieval knight pursuing an ideal of platonic love, you will want to meet. Now, you have an option of either flying out to meet your beloved, or sending for her to come to your country. Flying out to a country with a different culture is no small endeavour, and it shows a certain strength and code of honour if you take this upon yourself, rather than simply sitting back and expecting her to travel to you, and adapt herself to the culture around you. It also shows a willingness to make some sacrifices on her behalf, and what woman could resist that.

Don’t make her wait

You shouldn’t be late for your first date under any circumstances. A man arrives earlier than the girl, period. If she has to wait for you on the first date, she may think you’re not taking her seriously. On the other side, it’s allowed for women to arrive a bit late. And even if she comes in time, most probably she’ll wait for a few minutes somewhere around the corner before showing up.

This way she’s showing you that she’s not desperate to start dating a man. Also, there is a strong probability that she’s just spent a few hours beautifying herself just to impress you, so it’s acceptable for her to come late.

Make sure to acknowledge her efforts by paying her some compliments. Tell her she looks good, and then specify what exactly you like about her appearance – her beautifully styled hair, her radiant smile, her lovely outfit and so on.

Impress Ucrainian women on the first date

Bring a bouquet of flowers or a small gift

A stingy man is a big turn off for Ucrainian women. And it doesn’t mean they are mercenary or exceedingly materialistic – you don’t have to bring anything expansive or showy. A simple bouquet of flowers or a chocolate (or both) will do perfectly well. It’s sure to help if you try to make a Ukrainian woman fall in love.

Don’t bring a large bunch of flowers – it may be uncomfortable for her to carry it around the whole evening if you decide to go for a walk. Just take a few roses, or tulips, or daisies. Make sure you give her an odd number of flowers – even numbers are acceptable only on funerals.

Chocolates are plentiful in Ukraine, so you can choose some in the nearest store. But if you bring some from your home country, it’s even better. A little plush toy is sure to put a smile on her face, too.

Don’t expect any physical intimacy on the first date

Sex on the first date is out of question with Ucrinian women. It doesn’t mean they are prudish. On the contrary, they are rather flirty, easy going and chatty. But they also take relationships seriously. A Ukrainian woman wants to make sure you’re the one before going to bed with you.

Don’t push her and be patent, everything will work out if she really likes you. But there won’t be any kisses and intimate touches on the first date. Also, don’t count on a one night stand with a Ukrainian woman.

Pay the bill

According to Ukrainian girls, a real man won’t expect a woman to pay for her dinner on the first date. Or on the second, third, and fourth one. Splitting the bill is not the thing in Eastern Europe, especially if you come from a richer country. A man pays for coffees, dinners, movie tickets, museum entry fees and so on.

Avoid discussing prices at your date’s presence – she may consider you stingy and whiny. If you feel a restaurant is too expensive for you, don’t go there in the first place, but don’t expect a woman to pay her share if you actually made an order.

On positive note, prices in Ukraine are very affordable for someone from the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe. They are not so affordable for the locals though, please bear it in mind.

Reveal genuine interest in her family

Ucrainian women are very focussed on family – which, of course, is one of the things that makes them so desirable as wives or long-term mates. However, you need to realize that they are just as focussed on their own families.

Paying attention to her loved ones will help her appreciate how truly family oriented you are. Conversations about family are also important, and you must never appear disinterested if she begins to talk about her parents or siblings. Speaking of your family will also show her that you are a person with genuine feelings.

Slavic women love strong, assertive men

Slavic women like a man who knows his own mind and who is strong willed. This means that she will likely look at you with contempt if you keep asking her opinion of where she wants to go on a date, or what she wants to do. Instead, assert yourself, and be decisive.

Tell her that you want to take her out, and where you intend to take her. Tell her your plans for the date, and ask her if she can join you. This doesn’t mean you must come across as a brute, because no woman truly likes that.

But as a man who is firm, decisive, and who knows what he wants, and the direction he wants his life to go in. Vacillation is never impressive to anyone, least of all to a woman, and even less to a strong willed Slavic one.

Dress well

Elegance counts, and especially so with a woman with a certain sense of the aesthetic. If one of the things that attract you to a Ukrainian woman is that she dresses well, it also goes without saying that, to a certain extent, she also expects it of you.

When you go out on a date with Ucrainian women, make sure you dress appropriately as per the venue – a dinner calls for formal garb, while a casual walk in the park does not, and it does not do to mix up the two.

Dress well, and dress with taste, and you cannot go wrong. Even better, go shopping with her now and then while purchasing clothes for yourself – what woman can resist seeing a man wear something she has chosen herself? Also, make sure you have a good shave and comb your hair – every detail is important when going out with a Ukrainian woman.

Things you need to know when dating Ucrainian women

Think about possible subjects of conversation well in advance

If you’re a shy man and don’t trust it to go with the flow, think about possible things to talk to a Ukrainian woman well in advance. By doing so you’ll avoid the awkward silence that kills even the most perfect date. There are plenty of subjects to discuss that a woman may find interesting – hobbies and interests, social interactions, family relations, plans for the future, pets, favourite dishes, jokes and funny stories. Don’t talk only about yourself – make sure you reveal a genuine interest in what she has to say. Ask her questions and answer hers.

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These are only some recommendations on how to make dates with Ucrainian women unforgettable. However, you’re most welcome to improvise. Girls like imaginative and original men who can surprise them. All the best!

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