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Tips on picking up sexy Ukrainian women

Surely, you know that you have to create an individual approach for every woman. This fact is totally true when it comes to picking up and dating sexy Ukrainian women. You see, they are all different by nature.

However, there are some basic tips on picking up Ukrainian girls. They will help you find your Ukrainian soul mate in no time. These tips are based on the information, which can be confirmed by the majority of Western men who come to Ukraine in order to find a prospective wife.

It is not that easy to find a good Ukrainian girlfriend who can become a future wife because they are all beautiful and intelligent, but not all of them will find you interesting and attractive.

Also, keep in mind that not every Ukrainian woman is eager to marry a Western man because they are really patriotic despite the fact of how bad things are in Ukraine right now.

So, you really need to make a well-thought-out strategy in order to find that special Ukrainian girl. You do not want to look like a sex tourist who has come to Ukraine to have sex and then leave, do you?

You can easily pick up a Ukrainian lady if you follow the tips listed below, but remember that not all the tips are applicable to this or that particular woman. It is necessary to behave according to the situation.

Make it simple

If you already think about how difficult it is to pick up a Ukrainian woman, it is better for you to relax and stay calm. Actually, they enjoy easy-going men because they are used to this way of living themselves.

You should just come up to the girl that you like best and start talking to her. If you can initiate an interesting conversation, you are halfway to success. You should just watch her reaction and behavior.

Ukrainian ladies are pretty straightforward, and that is why she will let you know if she is not attracted to you at all. So, you will not waste too much time on the girl that does not like you.

It may look a bit offensive at first, but that is why foreign men choose Ukrainian women: they are open and simple, and they do not hide their feelings and emotions since the beginning of your first conversation.

It should not bother you too much if a Ukrainian girl says that you are not her type. She is just trying to be honest with you and does not want you to give empty promises.

Advice: Do not overreact to Ukrainian girls’ criticism. You should learn from it and draw a useful conclusion. Then you are good to move on again. It is better to try to approach some girls without a serious plan in your head. It will help you learn more about their reaction when a foreign man comes up to start a conversation.

She is waiting for your initiative

Start talking first

Ukrainian girls appreciate when a man can take the initiative. So, if you are really looking for a long-lasting relationship, you should start showing how manly you are from the very first conversation.

It will significantly increase your chance of picking up a Ukrainian lady if you start talking first. You should never wait for her to come up to you. She can give you a sign or hint, and your task is to get it right and start acting.

Ukrainian girls may seem reserved and distant at first, but this character trait is really common throughout Eastern Europe. You should not stop talking to her and asking different questions.

Eventually, she will start talking as she usually does. Just keep in mind that it is her simple defense reaction. If she does not go away but keeps answering your question, she likes you. Otherwise, why would she waste her time like this?

If you manage to make her attracted to you since the very first conversation, your first date will be much easier. She will already know that you are the one who is not afraid of responsibilities. This will help her behave nice and open.

Offer her a drink

Another tip, which can be extremely useful when picking up sexy Ukrainian women, is that they do not mind having a drink or two. It means that you will look like a true gentleman if you offer her an expensive cocktail or a glass of wine.

If you are looking forward to starting date a Ukrainian lady, it is better to start your first conversation by offering a drink. You should not consider it offensive or too vulgar. Keep in mind that Ukrainian women are really talkative and open-minded.

They are not likely to walk away from you if you offer a good drink. You should just keep it to a minimum. She should not be too drunk by the end of the evening. However, if she drinks too much, it is time to think about if you should start dating her or not.

Of course, you can use it as an advantage and take her home. Who knows what she will offer you to do at home. The only thing is that you are not likely to have a family with this girl. It will only be a one-night-stand.

Ukrainian women are attracted to you

Try to intrigue a Ukrainian woman

You should never put all your cards on the table when you are talking to a Ukrainian woman for the first time. It is better to keep her intrigued about some things.

Of course, you may think it is necessary to say everything that is on your mind right away, but Ukrainian girls enjoy secretive men. You should have your own secrets, which she should not know at least for now.

She will definitely try to learn a lot about you if she is actually attracted to you. Ukrainian girls prefer to ask about family, job, your attitude towards this or that thing, plans for the future, and so on.

So, as you can see, they just try to evaluate you from the point of life success. If you answer all the above-mentioned question without thinking, a Ukrainian lady is likely to lose her interest in you.

In addition, if you keep a low profile, it will grant you a better chance of her accepting your invitation to the first date. She will have a huge desire to learn more about you.

Therefore, you should watch her reaction when you speak to her because it is crucially important to see if she is intrigued when you are talking. If you thought that only girls should have secrets in order to make men attracted to them, it is not necessarily so.

Pay attention to the way you look

This paragraph, basically, concerns everything: your clothes, face, odor, and so on. If you think that sexy Ukrainian women are ready to talk to every random man, you are completely wrong.

They judge by appearance, they really do. It may also seem offensive to you, but you do the same thing when approaching this or that Ukrainian beauty. You do not think how sensitive and emotional she is deep down inside, do you?

It is naturally expected for you to judge your potential Ukrainian wife by her appearance. So, it is the same thing for them. You can actually use it as an advantage if you do everything correctly.

If you cannot call yourself a fashionable dresser, try to wear a classic suit at least. Any Ukrainian girl appreciate it. It is still better than a tracksuit or typical jeans and T-shirt style.

Moreover, you should be clean-shaven in order to make a proper impression. Ukrainian girls like light stubble, but it happens rarely. Therefore, it is better to shave before going somewhere to meet Ukrainian ladies.

Your hairstyle should be neat and attractive. As a rule, Ukrainian girls prefer men who cut their hair short. It makes them think that you are manlier than men with long hair are.

Your odor plays a big role when you approach a Ukrainian woman as they sense it a mile away. As you see, it is better to take a shower at least one or two times a day. You should always look nice and clean.

Try using perfume or cologne as it makes Ukrainian women more attracted to you. They enjoy man smell, and that is why you should use it.

Make her desire you

Show your interest in her

You should initiate a conversation but you should also talk as little as possible. The key to successful dating Ukrainian girls is to allow them to talk a lot. They should have a feeling that they are truly interesting for you.

Your task is to ask her questions and wait for the detailed response from her side. It is advisable to ask about family and friends because Ukrainian ladies cherish them more than anything else.

They will also gladly answer your hobby related questions because Ukrainian women do not hesitate to share about their everyday activities. Remember that they prefer talking about everything except job.

Ukrainian ladies do not think much about their job when they are not there. So, it is better for you to suggest any other topic. Just try to show your keen interest and this Ukrainian girl will be yours forever.

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