Ukrainian dating scams and tips on how to avoid broken heart in long distant relationships

Tips on how to avoid Ukraine dating scams

There is lots of information all over the internet about Ukraine dating scams on free and paid dating sites. Because of that, many foreign men feel hesitant about using their services. Although many Ukrainian dating sites have thousands profiles of genuine women searching for love and marriage abroad, there are also lots of scammers who are there purely for your money.

And this is not the agency’s fault – no site can monitor do many profiles and prevent its members from playing dirty games. Moreover, the majority of these scammers look like honest and sincere Ukrainian girls who really have feelings for men they are corresponding with. And yes, they can be rather convincing. Although many sites have an anti-fraud system in place and every profile is checked before being uploaded, scammers are always on the lookout for the new ways of taking their victims’ money.

The good news is, it’s not impossible to spot a scammer. A man just needs to know the common Ukraine dating scams and pay attention to some details.

Ukraine dating scammers are far outnumbered by real women searching for love

Here is some useful information and tips on how to avoid fraud when getting acquainted with Ukrainian women.

Trust your judgement

When a man is about to be deceived by a Ukrainian woman, he often feels that something is wrong. Many victims of scammers on Ukrainian dating sites said they had a feeling that something was suspicious and not right, but did not pay much attention to their apprehension. If you feel there is something strange and unnatural, if something made you raise your hackles, do make a search on the Ukrainian girls you are talking to. Make sure she’s really the person she claims to be if she claims to be, look for her name, contacts and photographs.

Don’t send money

Ukrainian dating scams are all about taking as much money from foreign men as possible

If a woman asks for money for one reason or another on a Ukrainian dating, it’s obviously a red flag. And it’s not necessary that she will ask you point blank to send her a certain amount. But she would complain so much that you would feel like supporting her financially. And of course, if you offer to give her money, she’ll be glad to accept.

Generally speaking, a scammer doesn’t bring the question of money right at the beginning of your correspondence.

At first you’ll exchange a few perfectly normal, interesting messages. However, a scammer doesn’t want to waste too much time on fruitless talk. So pretty soon you should expect her telling you about all sorts of big financial problems and the horrors of her life in Ukraine.

Her mother/grandmother/brother/ urgently needs a complex surgery which is too expensive for her family. She can’t pay rent this month and is about to be kicked out of her apartment. She couldn’t afford a new dress for a long, long time and it makes her so sad. A tree fell down during the storm and damaged the roof of her house. She was robbed in the bus and now she won’t have any money until her next pay check. The stories are actually endless, and you genuinely feel like helping the girl in a difficult situation, but you shouldn’t. You’ll only become a few hundred (thousand?) dollars poorer.

Also, scammers often use a trick with translation services. They claim their level of English is insufficient for corresponding with you, and it would be great if she could hire a translator. Obviously, it’s you who is expected to pay for this. You should just remember that Google Translate is free to use and it’s not a problem at all these days.

Ask to meet her face to face

One way to deal with Ukraine dating scams is to ask the girl you’ve been talking to to meet her is real life. It’s only natural when a man wants to bring the romantic relationship to a new level. After all, you’re not going to correspond with the girls of your dreams all your life. In most cases, Ukrainian women are gad to meet foreign men either in their home country or abroad. However, if everything you hear from a girl comes to lame excuses and vague explanations, you should question her true intentions.

Don’t fall for flattery and excessive compliments

It’s one of the common mistakes men make when dating online, and Ukraine dating scams take advantage of it. They simply send a message full of praise and admiration to dozens of men and then to wait for the potential victims to reply. A genuine Ukrainian lady would never bombard a man with flattery and sweet talk in the first message – she would let a man to make the first move. It’s pleasant to hear so many nice things about oneself, but if you receive a letter full of unlikely compliments, the only reasonable course of action would be to ignore it.

Pay a close attention to a woman’s profile

A lot can be said about a person by simply looking at their profile. Here are some warning signals to be aware of:

Only one photo

Ukraine dating scammers often have only one photo to show

If the Ukrainian girl you’re corresponding with has only one picture of herself to show you, especially if you’ve been talking for a considerable period of time, this is not normal. Many Ukraine dating scams involve copying pictures of sexy models or random good-looking girls from the net. With those pictures, a scammer presents themselves as a genuine Ukrainian woman searching for love and romance with a foreign man. Ask for more photos and see what’s going to happen. If the girl is real, she should have other pictures of herself, and she will send them to you with pleasure.

Insufficient information

A women who is serious about finding her true love and a life partner will try to provide as much information as possible in her profile. It’s easier to find a compatible man when they know about your likes and dislikes, aspirations and dreams, expectations and views on marriage, love and companionship. Genuine Ukrainian girls take trouble over their profiles, making emphasis on their wish to find someone special to start a family with.

 If you see lots of empty sections, or if they’re mostly filled with generic expressions, the chances are that you’re dealing with a fraud. Don’t waste time over them, even if they have the most attractive photographs you have ever seen. If you start exchanging messages, it’s easy to guess what will happen next – you’ll be scammed. Or at the very least will have a rather unpleasant experience of talking to someone fake.

Don’t pay for their visa or air tickets

While it’s true that salaries in Ukraine don’t allow to easily purchase plane tickets, you should be very careful when sending money to a woman for this purpose.

One of the common Ukraine dating scams is all about asking money for visa and airfare.

A scammer would tell you they need a certain amount of money to buy a plane ticket, and it’s the only obstacle for the two of you to finally being together.

To make things look believable, they can even send you a photo of their passport page with a visa stamp. So, if only you could transfer one thousand dollars, this very weekend she would be with you. It’s hard to resist, isn’t it? But if you have even one speck of doubt, we would suggest offering her to meet in her city instead. If she gladly accepts, everything is all right. If she stops answering or keeps insisting on money transfer, it’s obviously one of the Ukraine dating scams.

Avoid “pay per letter” websites

When choosing a dating agency to start your searches for love in Ukraine, you should definitely go for paid sites. They have lots of advantages over free internet platforms where things are random and chaotic. However, it’s strongly recommended to avoid “pay per letter” kind of sites where a scammer’s goal is to make as much money on you as possible by encouraging a long correspondence without any sings of taking a relationship one step further. You’ll just pay for countless messages, and that’s it. Instead, go for the sites where they offer monthly packages with unlimited access to women’s profiles and their contact information.

These were only some basic tips on how to avoid Ukraine dating scams when searching for the love of your life. Scammers keep coming up with new inventive schemes, but they are far outnumbered by genuine Ukrainian woman who make excellent girlfriends and wives. Just trust your judgement and use common sense, and you’ll be safe.

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