Common misconceptions about Ukrainian girls

The most popular Ukrainian stereotypes

It’s no secret that Ukrainian women differ from western women. Otherwise, why would foreign men flock to Ukraine in searches for love, romance and marriage? They obviously look for something they fail to find in their own countries. However, the difference of cultures and common misconceptions about Eastern Europe often give a man a false impression of Ukrainian women. In this article, we’ll mention the most widespread Ukrainian stereotypes which could actually be an obstacle for someone trying to find a potential life partner in this part of the world.

Widespread myths about Ukrainian women

Every Ukrainian woman would immigrate at the drop of a hat

Many foreigners believe that Ukrainian women register on dating sites to find an easy way to leave their homeland. According to them, all a woman wants from a western man is a chance to settle down in the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe. In other words, Ukrainian women don’t look for love and romance; they look for a better life. Needless to say, no one wants to be appreciated solely for their passport, that’s why a lot of foreign men are rather sceptical when it comes to finding a potential wife in Ukraine.

However, it’s not true.

In spite of challenging economy and low salaries, Ukrainian ladies are not eager to leave everything that has been important to them: family, friends, career, familiar landscapes, eating habits, seasonal changes, and cultural events.

Not everyone is ready to hop on a plane to conveniently forget of the hardships of living in their homeland, so scratch this misconception of the list.

All Ukrainian ladies are obsessed with their appearance

While it’s absolutely true that an average Slavic woman takes great care of her appearance, it would be wrong to assume that she’s obsessed with the way she looks. The majority of Ukrainian women are stunningly beautiful due to the rich genetic pool, intense self-care, bright make up and stylish outfits. However, they don’t prioritize external looks and pay as much attention to improving their intellect and developing an interesting personality.

Women in Ukraine prefer to become housewives

This is one of the most popular Ukrainian stereotypes. Eastern European women are great homemakers, gardeners and cooks, but it doesn’t mean they would sacrifice their careers for the chance to stay at home and cook borscht for their husband and kids. They do put their family above all, but they also excel in different professional fields. There are plenty of female engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, economists and so on in Ukraine. Not having a degree is frowned upon in Eastern Europe, that’s why almost every single girl makes sure to study further after graduating from high school. Even if a woman chooses to be a housewife, her professional accomplishments allow her to resume her career in case of divorce, husband’s death and other circumstances.

Ukrainian girls are too emotional

Generally speaking, people in Ukraine are sensitive and sentimental. However, one could hardly call a Ukrainian woman overly emotional. In critical situations, a woman listens as much to her mind as she does to her heart. The core of the Ukrainian philosophy is so called “cordocentrism”, or philosophy of the heart. It means a person has the ability to feel someone else’s pain, to be compassionate and empathic.

It’s relatively easy to melt a Slavic woman’s heart, and to bring tears to her eyes. But her sensitivity rarely results in an ugly display of uncontrolled emotions. When you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, you don’t have to worry about suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a disgusting scene. She won’t go all hysterical and throw things at you.

Ukrainian women are too materialistic

One of the most popular Ukrainian stereotypes states that women who join international dating sites only care about money. According to this myth, Ukrainian girls try to get as much money from a foreign man as possible, because they’re not actually interested in finding love abroad – their primary goal is to clean up a man’s pockets and wallet.

But to be honest, this sounds so naive that it’s not even funny.

There are girls around the globe who wouldn’t mind benefiting from dating a richer man, so in what way is it a Ukrainian character trait?

The majority of women in Ukraine have nothing to do with this misconception, and most probably it was spread by men who failed to charm Ukrainian girls and came up with stories to save their ego.

Popular myth about Ukrainian women being too materialistic

Ukrainian girls’ faces are always caked with makeup

When thinking of an Eastern European woman, a lot of foreigners imagine a sensual female with lots of foundation on her face, bright red lipstick and “smoky eyes”. While it’s true that a rare girl would go out without makeup in Ukraine, her makeup is always tasteful and moderate. Very often it’s solely meant to accentuate the advantages of a woman’s appearance and hide the shortcomings, so one can hardly notice any makeup on her face at all. The majority of Ukrainian women have a good taste and are very stylish, their looks are inspired by well known European and American singers, actresses, and models. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see anyone who looks like a clown, with their face caked with tons of makeup.

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Ukrainian women look beautiful only when they’re young

It’s hard to believe it, but there are but there are foreigners who think that only young Ukrainian women are attractive. According to them, a lady remains beautiful only up to a certain age, and then completely loses her charm. In reality, an average Ukrainian woman carries her attractiveness far into advanced age.

Thanks to fitness, healthy lifestyle, good food and excellent self care she manages to look pretty at the age of 40, 50 and even 60-70. Stylish outfits and inborn femininity add a great deal to attractive looks. If you think that Ukrainian brides are an excellent wife material only when they’re in their twenties, it’s not like that. Browse through profiles of 30-, 40- and 50-year old Ukrainian women on an international dating site, and you’ll see what we mean.

Girls from Ukraine are poorly educated

Ukrainian stereotypes like this take their origin back in 1990s, when desperate economical situation pushed lots of Ukrainian women into illegal employment in Western Europe. Those women didn’t speak English or any other European languages, and the only job they could do was to clean and look after geriatric patients. However, in reality lots of those women were brilliantly educated as teacher, engineers, nurses, accountants and so on.

Ukrainian education system turns out thousands qualified specialists, and many of them are invited to work abroad. The majority of women in Ukraine are well-read and intelligent, and they prioritize education before anything else in their late teens and early twenties. If you marry a Ukrainian girl, the chances are you’ll have a smart and intelligent partner by your side.

All Ukrainian women like cooking

The Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most inspiring and versatile cuisines in the world. Their dishes are both nutritious and yummy. And while it’s absolutely true that the majority of Ukrainian women are excellent cook, it doesn’t mean they’re gladly spending time at the kitchen. In any case, you’ll enjoy lots of tasty dishes if you have a Slavic partner – this is one of the advantages of marrying a Ukrainian woman.

Ukrainian girls excel at cooking from young age

These are only some of the most common Ukrainian stereotypes you may come upon when searching for a wife in Eastern Europe. The only reasonable way to go about it is to think of them with a great deal of scepticism. If you believe everything they say on the net, the chances are you’ll lose a lot of brilliant opportunities when it comes to finding love. All the best in your searches!


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