Terms of use

The Terms of use should be read, accepted, and followed in a full volume.
The Terms define and indicate all juridical relation between the users and the site as an informational object / source.

Any kinds of breaking the rules listed in the Terms of use are seen as violations that lead to the banning of the user or limiting his access.

Therefore, if you do not accept some of the rules or do not agree with them from the beginning, it would be correct to stop using the site.

  1. Updates and additions
    The users know and agree that updates and modifications can be added to the Terms at any moment, at our own discretion. Knowing that, the users shall return to the Terms page from time to time and check for the updates. Some of those may have an urgent character and be of high importance. They are mostly made for raising the quality of services.
  2. Intellectual property
    Any materials presented on this site, not depending on the form and content, are protected by the international and local copyright law. They are all called the Intellectual property and belong to the Site owners, the Company and to our licensors.
    None of the Intellectual property should be stolen, owned by other personalities or organizations, damaged, passed to others for ownership, or misused in any way, under the threat of virtual and legal punishment.
  3. Use of the site
    The site owners and administrators put big efforts in order to provide the users with the most qualitative informational service.
    In return, the users do their best in regard to treating the site and its content right, protecting it, and contributing to it if possible.
    In case the users’ personal information or answers to the administrators’ questions are needed, all this data should be provided in time in a correct and trustworthy form.
    The site is always protecting the users’ interests in all regards.
    Using the site isn’t always or completely free. Some of the features or pages may be accessed on a paid basis. If that is the case, the exact Pricing can be found among the pages and sections of this site. Also, if that is the case, the charged price isn’t refundable.
  4. Experts of the site
    The site uses the experts’ assistance and materials for regular filling of the blog pages.
    We consider the experts any personalities who got a psychological education, or who completed the classes/courses/workshops, or who can prove their profound experience in this particular area of knowledge. Examples from real life are obligatory for every topic or subject enlightened on our site.
    The amateur writers are welcome in case they can provide such proof as well.
    However, we may not publish the experts’ or amateurs’ texts in case we are not interested at the moment.
  5. Explicit/Adult materials
    Since the site is dedicated to all topics connected with dating and relationships, some of them may be of the 18+ category.
    We aren’t approving, accepting, or distributing any pornographic content, however, our materials may discuss the erotic life of a couple. Therefore, our site isn’t recommended for the audience below 18 y.o.
    The parents or caretakers take all the responsibility for allowing or not allowing children and teenagers to study our materials, providing or not providing the access to any of such materials and further adsorbing of them by the young minds.
  6. Feedback
    According to our strategy and conceptions, we greatly welcome all users to express all opinions and ideas in a form of comments, messages, email letters and so on.
    Everyone has freedom of speech and can express the positive and negative assessment, unusual concepts, all kinds of suggestions or requests.
    However, extreme insults, demands, or orders given to the administrators of the site or to other users are strictly forbidden and always lead to permanent banning.
    Aside from that, any commercial activity under the mask of feedback is restricted as well.
  7. The user’s materials
    The users who expressed their wish to post their materials on our site can be sure their texts and other data are completely safe.
    First of all, they are protected by copyright law and secondly, we guarantee the high moral principles practiced by us in any kinds of cooperation.
    However, users realize that as the administrators and owners of the site along with all blogs it contains, we have the right to change, modify, or partially delete the users’ texts provided by them. None complaints or objections from the authors are accepted.
  8. Disclaimers and force majeure
    The users understand that our site, design, content, and all pages of the site look exactly like the owners and administrators want it to look.
    Any complaints and objections should be well-explained, written in advance, but can be ignored or fulfilled only partially if that is our decision.
    The users accept and agree that owners and administrators of the site aren’t on duty for natural disasters, technical failures, political changes, attacks, or other types of collapse that may happen by itself.