A date with a beautiful Ukrainian girl is like one big game

Rules for a date with a beautiful Ukrainian girl

Most of beautiful Ukrainian girls, just starting to meet a man, before their first dates with him forget the tiredness of the working day, hardships and household problems – dressing in the best and preening, they put on a mask of well-being and become carefree, joyful and radiant.

At the first dates, while intrigue and euphoria are alive, a gene is programmed in the girls, which makes the man wait. They do not let the gentleman even on the threshold of the house, not making sure that the face is perfectly painted, the dress is perfect, and the apartment is full of cosmetics, everything shines and shines. Later, agreeing to an intimate relationship, often only after observing the prescribed etiquette number of mandatory platonic dates, fearing that after a joint night’s sleep, the irresistibility mask will be erased and expose the real unassuming, many girls try not to spend the whole night with the man.

Spend a night with a beautiful Ukrainian girl

Once they spend a night with a man, violating the sacrament, allowing him to see himself in the morning tattered and unpainted, with signs of lack of sleep in his eyes, they no longer do so cordially and ceremoniously meet the man on the next date, if this happens. On a date after the first night together, girls often no longer need to find support in the eyes of a man to understand his intentions – especially if the phone call that the beautiful Ukrainian girl is waiting for the next day after the meeting, which culminated in a timely manner, took place. This cherished call and the consent of the man to continue to meet and after a joint waking up usually speak for themselves.

Show the best side and hide the worst

What is the main strategy for dating? When you are going to meet a beautiful Ukrainian girl, you want to appear in front of this person from the best side and hide the flaws. Of course, you cannot hide them indefinitely, especially if your relationship develops, but you are determined to become better or hope that by that time the partner will accept you for who you are. You also know that relations will be futile if you do not make a good first impression: alas, you will no longer have a second chance.

Of course, you want to know about the beautiful Ukrainian girl everything (both good and bad). However, you also know that if your partner knows the technique of dating no worse than you, then he (or she) will also try to show his best side and hide the worst. You will analyze the situation more thoroughly and try to understand which signs of good qualities are real and which can easily be imitated to make a favorable impression. Even the scruffiest person may appear at an important meeting in neat clothes, but the courtesy and good manners, which are manifested in many small details, are difficult to portray the whole evening if you are not accustomed to them.

There are several rules how to present a gift for the beautiful Ukrainian girl

About gifts for beautiful Ukrainian girl

Flowers are a relatively cheap gift; gifts that are more expensive may have a certain value, but not in essence, but as reliable evidence of what this person is ready to sacrifice for you. In addition, the “currency” in which the value of such a gift is calculated may have different meanings depending on the context: a diamond donated by a millionaire may cost less in this case than the time spent by a person in communicating with you or some work done at your request.

First date with beautiful Ukrainian girl

A meeting after an acquaintance is a special responsibility, and you will have to strain all your imagination and show the maximum of your capabilities. Remember that no one will give you a second chance to make impression. That’s why you have to show the girl an excellent ability to have a conversation so that she wants to meet with you again. Your main task is to win the girl to you. This stage must happen on the first date, regardless of the technique that you work on.

A very delicate balance must be observed between obsession and lack of communication. All the best should be in moderation. You should not bombard the girl with questions; it will frighten the girl away because it looks at least strange.

A very delicate balance must be observed between obsession and lack of communication

How to communicate with a beautiful Ukrainian girl

How to stir up her interest in you, and how to communicate with a girl to fall in love with her and achieve mutual attraction? Try not to create awkward pauses. If beautiful Ukrainian girl does not have the mood or desire to pour out your soul, you can talk to the girl in a slightly playful tone, joke, and say a few compliments. The main thing about whom you can talk to the girl in a cafe, restaurant is herself. Let her interests come first, you want to charm her.

Be careful

Women often give men hidden signals. Some signals seem to invite, while others, on the contrary, drive away. Perhaps people have a genetic predisposition to some qualities (this happens on a subconscious level). It is very important to learn how to catch such signals. For example, plays with eyes, paints lips, exposes neck or shoulders, straightens hair and much more – all these are “inviting” hidden signals (but this is a separate issue). Of course, you don’t need to literally perceive every gesture and movement and rush headlong into the arms of a girl (after all, if she bare her neck, maybe she’s just hot!), To begin with, carefully analyze the surrounding situation. If you caught and correctly received the “inviting” signal, the girl will appreciate it, and her sympathy will add courage and confidence to you. Then everything is in your hands (behavior and communication). It’s worth a bit to stumble and the date may collapse.

What to do on a first date

There are several rules for a date with a beautiful Ukrainian girl. It is very important to choose in advance the place where you want to lead the girl, before learning about her tastes and preferences. Then, man should be dressed with style and look neat. Go on a date in a very good mood. If, for example, he have a conflict at work, it is better to reschedule a date.

Every date man can give a small gift, for example, candy, flowers for his passion. During the date it important to be positive, talkative, communicate on different topics (have funny stories from life, jokes, interesting facts in the arsenal) and behave naturally (how you behave with loved ones, acquaintances and friends). Just be yourself!

Most important moments:

  • Sincerely interested in a girl. She should feel that she is interested in a man as a person, and not as an object of pleasure.
  • Be a gentleman. Do not forget to look after the girl (hand over the coat, put down a chair, open the door in the car …) Be attentive to her!
  • Look into the eyes of a girl during a conversation. You can, as if by accident, touch, hug a little, take by the hand.
  • Look at the girl with an admiring look. Girls don’t like awkward moments when silence drags on. But if you look at her with admiration, she will appreciate it. If the look is bewildered – this is a minus.
  • Be generous. Sometimes a girl is shy about ordering in a restaurant. Take the initiative on yourself, even if it says: “No, I do not want to!”.
  • Behave confidently, but not self-confidently. Excessive self-confidence only spoils everything.
  • Be sure to take the girl to the door of her apartment (home) and thank you for the evening.
  • A practical example of a dialogue with a girl.

Date in restaurant with a beautiful Ukrainian girl

Suppose, when you are sitting in a restaurant with a beautiful Ukrainian girl and leafing through a menu, you can say: “Since childhood, I love dumplings with cherries. I remember how my grandmother sculpted dumplings with cherries, gathered the whole family. How delicious it was. Do you like dumplings? What dumplings do you like? Oh yes, I like potato dumplings too. Do you like to cook dumplings with potatoes? You see! You and I have a lot in common – we both love dumplings! ”

Most of all that the beautiful Ukrainian girl remembers after the first date is how easy and comfortable she was with you, how much she laughed. Therefore, the task of a man on a first date is to give many positive emotions. In addition, most importantly, do not rush with kisses; do not frighten the girl away. If a girl wants to kiss, men, believe me, you will know about it! At the end of the first date, friendly hugs and words of gratitude for a good time are quite enough. Men, observing the rules of the first date, you are guaranteed and the 2nd, 3rd, and more ….

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