Ukraine mail order brides are famous for their beauty, family values and loyalty in romantic relationships and marriage

Pros and cons of Ukraine mail order brides

A lot of people have heard of Ukraine mail order brides, or wives, but they are not actually familiar with the concept. Some individuals even end up assuming it’s a particular scheme where a man chooses a suitable woman in a sort of catalogue and pays a certain amount of money to “order” her. After that she’s supposed to arrive to his country and marry him on the spot.

But no, this is not how it works. The term “mail order brides” is outdated, but for some reason it’s still used these days. Basically speaking, mail order brides are women who placed their profile on a dating site in order to search for a potential life partner abroad. Women from Ukraine are willingly looking for romance and marriage with western men, and they are famed around the globe as a wonderful wife material.

Is it legal?

Yes, there is nothing illegal in making a contact with a woman over the internet, exchange emails and instant messages, call each other by phone and have video chats. The next logical step in a long distance relationship of this sort is a personal meeting, of course. Usually it’s a man from the USA, Western Europe or Australia who comes to Ukraine to meet his special one face to face.

Very often it all ends up with a marriage and living happily ever after in a man’s country. Sometimes a couple may decide to stay in Ukraine, in spite of all the difficulties of living in this country: high rate of unemployment, low salaries, corrupt politicians and so on. In any case, if you’re tired of loneliness and thinking of meeting beautiful Ukrainian women, it’s important to know pros and cons of this decision.

Pros of mail order brides from Ukraine

Ukraine mail order wives offer lots of advantages in marriage and family life

According to statistics, it’s easier for a western man to find a compatible woman in Eastern Europe rather than in his home country. Ukrainian mail order brides are typically family oriented, devoted and loving. Other advantages of having a romantic relationship with one of those gorgeous mail order brides include:

Ukrainian girls want to get married and have kids

It’s no secret that western women prefer settling down later in life, close to their mid thirties. Girls from Ukraine, on the contrary, are brought up with a strong idea of becoming a wife and a mother as early as possible. It’s very common for Slavic ladies to tie the knot in their early twenties. By the age of 25 most of the women in Ukraine have their first child. It means you’re not going to wait the whole eternity to marry a Ukrainian girl once you start dating her.

Women from Eastern Europe are ready to move to your country

It’s a huge change in life, and it takes a great deal of courage and determination to leave your home country, parents and friends behind. In a new place, a person has to build up social connections, find a job, get used to the climate, and perhaps even learn a foreign language.

Ukraine mail order brides are ready for these changes for the sake of starting a family. Most of them are pretty adaptable, and it doesn’t take them long to start calling the city a man lives in their home.

Ukraine mail order brides are ready to move to another country for someone special

Ukrainian women are exceptionally beautiful

If you look through profiles in an international dating agency, you may notice that women from the Eastern European country stand out compared to their counterparts from other nations. Most of them are stunningly beautiful, and we’re talking here not only about the young girls, but about the mature ladies as well. This is partly due to the unique set of features that defines Slavic type of appearance, and partly due to extensive self-care.

Ukrainian mail order wives are stunningly beautiful and look like models

Ukrainian mail order brides pay a lot of attention to their external looks. They diet and practice various sports in order to have slim bodies, they rarely go out without make-up and their nails being carefully polished, their hair style is always perfect and outfits are the most tasteful and fashionable. One would think all this requires a great deal of financial input, but no, these women know how to look gorgeous on budget.

So, if you go for a Ukrainian woman, the chances are you’ll get a wife who’ll look like a model.

And that’s only one of the many positive changes after marrying a Ukrainian women.

Most probably you’ll find someone smart and well-educated

Not having a degree or two is frowned upon in the Ukrainian society, so right after high school most of the girls continue their studies in universities and academies of all sorts. Reading good books is also encouraged. Generally speaking, Ukraine mail order brides are not pretty dolls who are focused on their appearance alone. It’s not all about looks – girls are smart and well-read, and you’ll never be out of topics for meaningful conversations. Ukrainian women are also interested in self-development and always try to master a new skill or pursue a new hobby. With a girl like that, you’ll be motivated to improve yourself, too.

You won’t have to invest in a big fat wedding

Ukrainian women don’t mind to have a simple court marriage that hardly costs anything. You won’t have to spend a small fortune in order to say “yes” to each other. Usually an international couple is more preoccupied with visas, citizenships and other legalities at the beginning of their life together, so a big wedding doesn’t seem to be that important. Besides, it’s hard to invite friends and relatives from both sides if they have to take an intercontinental flight to attend the wedding.

Things you should be aware of

These are not exactly cons, but rather things you should consider when going for Ukraine mail order brides. Being aware of certain aspect, you’ll find it easier dealing with issues that may arise.

Clashes of cultures

People have different ideas about things in different countries. It may be something as simple as not giving an even number of flowers to a woman you date (yes, in Ukraine it’s a big no-no), or something as serious as ways to bring up your kids. Both of you will require a lot of patience and tolerance to find acceptable solution for each situation.

Language barrier

Most people in Ukraine don’t speak English. They do study English at school, but usually it’s of no use when it comes to communication with foreigners. Of course, if a woman placed her profile in an international dating agency, perhaps she’s made already made some attempts to improve her English, but in any case there may be difficulties understanding each other. Perhaps you’ll even have to use the services of an interpreter on the initial stages of your relationship. But no worries, Ukraine mail order brides are fast learners, and once a woman is in her country, she’ll be fluent in no time.

Visiting family back in Ukraine

In the world of today, there are many ways of keeping in touch with one’s family and friends. Skype, phones, instant messages – you name it. However, your Ukrainian wife may want to visit her parents from time to time. It’s not such a big deal if you live in Europe, but if she has to fly from the USA or Australia, these trips may be rather expensive. And things will get even costlier when you have kids.

Different views on family roles

Traditional family values are one of the reasons why mail order brides from Ukraine are so popular. However, these values come with certain drawbacks. A woman would expect you to be the main provider for the family, while she takes care of your home and kids. Of course, it’s easier to run the house and pay the bills when both husband and wife have jobs, and very often Ukrainian women do pursue their careers while still taking excellent care of their kids, cooking delicious dinners and singlehandedly keeping the house spick and span. But if things do go sour financially, it’s your fault, because you’re supposed to be a provider.

That said, none of these issues should be an obstacle in your searches for your only one. After all, pros of Ukraine mail order brides do outnumber cons.

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