She knows everything about being a real woman

How to make Ukrainian woman fall in love?

It is already a well-known fact that, Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful. Ask any foreigner, and in 99% of cases you will receive an answer that he never saw such feminine beauty as in Ukraine. “It is impossible to believe that such beauty ever happens! Take a walk around Kiev in the summer; look at the Hydropark. There, on the Dnieper shore, you will see as many beauties as you like,” the foreigners admire. In addition, Ukrainian woman is well educated and is always ready to talk about literature and philosophy. So if you want to conquer the heart of Kiev and Ukrainian woman as well, thoroughly read Nietzsche and Bulgakov.

You can win her heart only being a gentlmen

How she looks like?

It is very difficult to try to describe an ordinary Ukrainian woman. However, let us still try. Ukrainian woman is gorgeous, delightful, soulful and honest, magnificent and loyal, sometimes vulnerable, intelligent and clever, sometimes insatiable and jealous, often mercantile, but prefer to put out of a sight this qualities from potential partners or husband, they are very prudent as concern their reputation.

Ukrainian woman have abilities to cook any food and knows that the road to a man’s love lays through his appetite. She is in always seeking for a potential partner, who will notice her natural beauty. Moreover, the share of Ukrainian girls per capita is higher than in any other country worldwide, rivalry among the women is extremely sever. The girls are very diverse, but still they have a lot in common: brown eyes, sometimes green, plump lips, smooth nose, and natural hair color which is usually brown and long.

Foreigners look at Ukrainian woman with completely different eyes than Ukrainian men. They are used to the fact that Ukrainian men do not really honor Ukrainians. Although in recent years, the situation has begun to change radically: a young generation has increased, European-positioned both in terms of economy and in the sense of moral principles. Moreover, the moral principles of young Ukrainian men are much higher. And in Europe, the USA and other countries, Ukrainians no longer distinguished, as was convenient in Soviet and post-Soviet times, as easily attainable women.

Her inborn qualities will not leave you indifferent

What may a Ukrainian woman offer to a foreign man?

1. Beauty and good-looking appearance

For a Ukrainian woman, external appearance is a day-by-day work. Ukrainians are happy to deal with this simple task. Ukrainian women manage to look as if they have jump off the cover of a glamorous magazine. At the same time, in order to look stunningly, it is not at all necessary to spend enormous amount of money on salons or make plastic surgery, nature lavishly gave them the precious gift – natural beauty.

2. The ability to generate peace and comfort in the house

These talents are known for all Slavic nations. The foreign husband anticipate that Ukrainian woman will do homework with joy and smile. Moreover, he will spend a lot of money for this, even if housework is only thing she does. It is important to communicate this aspect with the candidate for husband so that the beloved understands what costs he needs to estimate.

  • Culinary skills

The skills of a Ukrainian woman to make a masterpiece out of many ingredients is another advantage for future husband. In the West, usually a woman cooks three times per day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every day for her family. However, Ukrainian women are doing this successfully, which pleases foreign husbands a lot.

  • Independence

For the past decades, Ukrainian women gained more freedom and confident. Europeans value a lot the determination of Ukrainian woman, who, coming abroad, try not only to make a strong family, but also are trying to learn language of the country where they leave and in the most cases are looking for a job for self-realization.

  • Compliant nature and capacity to find a compromise

Ukrainian woman is not stubborn and knows how to deal with the most obstinate men. Usually, man wants to feel superior in the house. In this case, Ukrainian woman have more benefits than European or American women, which require having equal rights in the family and like to show their independence.

  • The wish to take care of the man she loves

Ukrainian woman is tender, gracious, kind-hearted, caring and very wise in everyday life. Foreigners have long appreciated this. There are families where sons, following the example of their fathers, travel to search the brides in Ukraine because they catch sight of how happy their dads are in their second marriage with Ukrainian woman.

How to fall in love with a Ukrainian woman without magic?

In fact, everything is quite simple and prosaic. For the most part, the girls are very similar. Despite the wild difference in physique, appearance and habits, psychological aspects are constant. Therefore, the methods described below are universal and suitable, even if you need to fall in love with a girl whom you are indifferent.

  • First impression

No matter where you met her: on the street or in acquaintance, the almighty Internet has contributed, be original. Do not just say: “Hello, how are you?” or other trivialities drop Yesenin’s quote in personal communication – give a “tasty” compliment. The most important thing is to be remembered. Otherwise, do not even count on reciprocity with Ukrainian woman. You will be lost among other candidates.

  • Physical appearance

It is clear that no one will even look at the men, dressed in sweatshirts and a vest. Hit the Ukrainian woman not only with your sweet speeches, but also with a stylish combination of things. The simplest and most win-win option is casual. Sweatshirt with jeans and fashionable sneakers or a modern suit to match the status. The final accent is a fashionable haircut and a neat manicure.

  • Talk less – do more

Yes, Ukrainian woman loves with ears. Compliments, poems and long conversations on the first date are acceptable. However, generally, all this should be supported by a specific action. For example, you want to tell her, that she is the most beautiful. Say this not in private, but in the company of friends, with relatives, just in front of strangers on the street, by correspondence – in a general chat. Works 100% – checked.

  • Do not be shy

What a Ukrainian woman wants to feel? Support, protection, reliability. Feel free to demonstrate your masculine qualities. Take her home after restaurant, ask how her day was, but do not be too persistent. If necessary, back up this with real actions: bring medicine if she got a cold, take her to a friend’s meeting, and then bring her home, invite her for lunch, make something special.

  • Demonstrate your seriousness

No one suggests giving the diamond ring and taking her to Maldives first. Mention that an open relationship is not for you. That you are a supporter of “old-school” concepts about the family, that you are supporter of monogamy and family always comes first.

  • Do not ask redundant questions

In general, in the initial stages of a relationship, a model of behaviour would be ideal, where the bulk of the controversies is abolished. This is especially true for two types of questions:

  1. General (How are you?, Tired of work?, What are you doing?)
  2. More personal (Who were you with?, Is this a photo of your friend?, Where are you going?).

When you read the first, then yawning attacks and uncontrolled drowsiness compete with each other. When you read the second, you already directly feel excessive concern, jealousy, and obsession. It is important to prevent two things in communication with Ukrainian woman: boredom and overstatement of self-esteem (you will have time to catch up).

  • Love what she does and do not control her

If she likes sport, support her, especially if she is just starting. Say sincere words and try to understand her hobby, no matter how strange it may seem to you. After all, if a girl strives for self-development, isn’t it meritorious? Much worse are those women who do not have their own business and are sitting on the neck of their partner.

A real Ukrainian woman cannot be tamed one hundred percent. She must have her own space, where she can relax after a long day, spend some time with herself. For example, for one it can be her own bedroom, where she will constantly remodel, re-stick, move furniture or she likes to spend couple of the hours alone, reading a book in a coffee shop. Do not try to control her actions and she will trust you.

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