How to get out of the impasse, find your favorite thing, your favorite girl and start a new life

Are you so busy with your unloved work that you forgot about yourself? You do not understand where to go and what to want? Eyes do not burn and have no strength to change anything? A specialist in the field of career strategies knows exactly what to do! Her book “Never anything” has already helped many to get out of the impasse. And recently we have a continuation of this bestseller — a working notebook “Now”, which contains cool practical exercises.

The book and the notebook complement each other. In the book you will find a lot of useful theory and inspiring stories, and in a notebook — a specific step by step guide that will help turn dreams into goals, overcome inertia and achieve the desired.

If you’re stuck — you’re probably thinking too much.

Surely you are asking yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What are my interests?
  • What are my abilities?
  • Are my dreams realistic and how can they be realized?
  • It is time or not it is time all to change?
  • How to find a woman of my life?

These are good questions, but you don’t have to dig into them to be clear to start acting. If you are looking for one “right” option, all calculate and endlessly assess the risks, your chances of moving are small.

Look for answers in the process of movement! Such issues are not resolved at an impasse.

There is no perfect plan

In practice, I see two of the most common strategies for breaking the deadlock and living “out of place”.

  • think long, pass battery tests, look for the answer and the only correct answer to complete clarity;
  • while staying at the same point;
  • come up with a detailed plan;
  • long to decide on the first step.

As a result — you will lose time, but still nothing will go according to plan:

— start to change the situation immediately;

— from the first steps to make your life more interesting;

— get out of the impasse without burning bridges;

— create a field of choice for yourself.

As a result — time begins to work for you and opportunities find you.

First, let’s add fire to your life

  1. Write down 100 things you think you should do while you’re alive.
  2. Create a list of lives/roles that you have not yet been able to implement, but would like to — in some parallel Universe.
  3. Think about what experiences (which you are missing) will make your life brighter.
  4. What would be your ideal day if you could do whatever you want? Make a schedule by the hour.

In the last exercise there are two types of cases. The first is related to things, that is, the material aspect. For example, spend an evening on your yacht. Or live in your own country house. Or donate a million to a dog shelter.

And the second is related to the way of life; let’s call it the quality of time. For example, spend three hours on a walk with children, take a laptop and work in the Park / on the beach / in a cafe, go to a master class … Emphasize these points.

After all these exercises, you have a list of inspirational experiences that will improve your life. Plan how to include them in your everyday life right now.

Don’t delay! We ourselves do not realize how our interests and bright moments lie in a long box and wait for a bright future.

Raise the periscope

It’s time to study a map of the area — first in your professional field. It is necessary to consider from different sides your current direction and current work and decide what prospects remain in it.

Even if you are finally tired, do not rush to give up their profession. Try to look at it fresh, unshielded look and explore as if it is not familiar to you.

It is possible that you will find yourself almost where you lost.

Look at new trends, bright names, publications and events. Make a new presentation, try to keep it unbiased. If you came to this topic now, what would you be interested in?


  1. Write down the ten most important and interesting books about your professional field over the past year.
  2. Write down ten inspiring examples of professional success in your field (who / where does / what does / what does).
  3. Write down all your work tasks: negotiations, meetings, reports, speeches… And now make an alternative schedule of the working day: let it be only those tasks from your list that you like.

Attention: here we are not talking about a perfect day, do not need to invent anything. Put together what you’re dealing with now or what you’ve been doing before.

  • Now you see where there is energy in your current work. Even if there are only three items in the list, this is a good starting point. Think about how to make the most charging tasks appear more often in your schedule or even become the main ones.
  • Find another format. How can you use your skills in unusual areas, outside of the official working context? For example, to help someone who wants. Something to explain, to advise, to hold a seminar, to write an article on a popular or, conversely, unknown topic.
  • Imagine that you can choose any mentor in your current profession. Who could they be? What would he teach you?

New horizon. The discovery of the world

Let’s say you still want to change the field of activity, but do not know where to go next, because you do not have any alternative interests. What to do? Look around! Now you have nothing to choose from precisely because you do not know what happens. So you are now a researcher and a pioneer.

Once a week, immerse yourself in some new topic — for a start, you can even at random. For example, listen to a lecture on the Internet. Or training. Or discover a new area of knowledge. Some interesting professional. Let’s call this option “sofa exploration”.

The main thing — do not stay only in this version, because most of the information brings “field intelligence”. This is when you get down from the couch and leave the house to participate in something interesting, a little deeper to explore some of the topics found. Go to a seminar, or take an online course, or enroll in a Studio if it’s a program.

Your task is to make up for what you missed by narrowing your horizons to the level of “work — home — vacation”. Once there is no preference, you can start from anywhere. The main thing is to get out of the professional tunnel and see the world around.

How much time to invest in such a discovery of the world? Three months, sometimes six. Even year. After that, there are horizons and the choice of interests.

Plan the first steps

After exploration, you will have some ideas about future careers. Now we need to make a plan. Only in your case it will be special.

Leave alone long-term goals, they are not for the first stage. Only actions, experiments, information gathering and opening up a new world. That is what will move you from the dead point and will be the end of existence in the “delayed life”.

The first plan in the new area should include steps for a month or two, and then you need to “see what’s next.”

Move slowly and smoothly. Desirable without excess stress. For example, first you can read professional literature on the topic you are interested in, then choose useful workshops and seminars, then sign up for some long-term program.

Do not rush to quit and make sudden movements. Believe me, the first steps can be done without changing anything. You’ll know when the time comes. For now — learn and experiment in a safe area.

If there are “unreal” dreams

What if the case you’re interested in is somewhere in a parallel universe? Don’t give up on your dreams! Recalibrate your “impossible” into anything real. Find a way to touch him. Take the first step.

…Want to open a yoga retreat in Bali? See ads for real estate on the island and write a request.

…Want to publish a book? Go to the websites of publishers in the section for authors and find out what you need.

…Want to learn acting in Hollywood? Find suitable courses there and submit your request.

Just one step. This will be enough to make an unreal dream become a real part of your universe.

Life is too short to spend it on something you don’t like. Start the process of change today!

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