For which purpose do I use this site?

You can use our site as a source of various information connected with dating. It is both basic and extra information needed for creating, keeping and further developing of harmonious relationships.

Is the information in the articles completely correct?

We do not make our own research regarding each fact and opinion expressed in the article, but we do our best to choose the most trustworthy authors we can find and make sure the topics of their essays are actual for our audience.

How can I post my own article?

We have our own distanced team of experts, however, we remain open towards new cooperation. It is important that you suggest to us only a professional text composed in a similar form to already posted ones, and accompany it with some proofs that you’re trustworthy and/or certified. You can send us that set of introduction and proofs either via the Contact us form or via the email address that you may find below.

Isn’t this site harmful to me if I consider myself vulnerable?

We make sure all our posted materials are decent, safe, gentle, and positive. In case you have religious, physical or other limitations you can take a look at the site and decide whether it is appropriate for you. In case you’re easily offended or have a psychiatric diagnosis, we rather recommend to avoid our site as some of the materials are frank and rather straightforward.

Can I recommend this site to my partner?

Yes, our blogs are created also for the couples and we greatly recommend that two partners educate each other and discuss the materials they found on our site.