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Dating Ukrainian women who have large families

Since you have already learned the most basic principles of dating Ukrainian women, you should finally think of what you are going to do next together with her. The most obvious answer is that you need to create a real family with a Ukrainian lady.

Nonetheless, you should not forget about the most essential traditions and customs that are considered almost sacred in Ukraine. Surely, it depends on many factors because they are not that wide-spread in huge cities like Kiev or Lviv, but you should know about them anyway.

Therefore, if you are about to make a proposal to the Ukrainian bride of your dreams, do not be lazy and spend some of your time to find out what her proposal of like should look like. If you manage to make it perfect, you can be sure she is not going to reject you.

Although, before making any serious steps you should actually answer a question whether this particular Ukrainian lady is your dream for sure since you should understand that her behavior may change a lot after she becomes your official wife.

If you feel like you do not really trust her but still believe that everything is going to change after you become a husband and wife, you should realize the severe truth that it will only be worse as days pass by.

The same rule applies to having children with her because it is not a solution to your problem. In addition, you should not forget about all the traditional rituals that will be really essential not for your Ukrainian woman but for all her relatives that will come to your wedding.

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Dating Ukrainian women prepares you for many things

Once you see that your relationships become something bigger than you supposed them to be at first sight, you should take the initiative and arrange a dinner party with your and your Ukrainian bride’s parents.

This will be the first step towards official marriage because you cannot wait for too long when you are dating Ukrainian women since the right age to become a wife and a mother is considered 20-22 in this country.

You are not likely to find a single Ukrainian girl who is over 30-35 because every one of them has a husband and at least one child. Surely, you may see those ones who are divorced or they have become widows but this is an exception rather than a rule.

The most important thing you need to be prepared for is that your Ukrainian lady has a huge family with dozens of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Unfortunately for you, there is no way you can skip the step where you have to get acquainted with them all. You will have to remember all their names and so on just because this is how it works in Ukraine.

In fact, if you try to reject this kind invitation from your Ukrainian woman or her parents, they will be really mad at you because this is a part of marriage preparation. You need to know everyone personally before you are officially married to your Ukrainian bride.

Do not make the wrong choice before your marriage

It may happen so that you are completely in love with your Ukrainian girl and everything was just fine before you had to meet her relatives and close friends. Nonetheless, a lot of foreign male representatives do not even realize how much these people influence Ukrainian ladies’ lives.

You will not be able to fly to your country straight away after the ceremony is over just because Ukrainian people are so hospitable that they will invite you to stay with them at least for a few weeks or even months.

They do it in order to show you what their country looks like. This is especially common when you are dating Ukrainian women from small towns because their relatives have never seen foreign people with their own eyes.

That is why you are going to be like a start there since the attention of everybody from around will be drowned to you only. This may make you think that you have to look for a better Ukrainian wife because this one has crazy relatives anyway.

You will be disappointed to find out that the majority of young Ukrainian brides have the same kind of relatives, especially if you are dating a female who has never had serious relationships before you. Her parents will be so excited to get to know you that you will not be able to leave Ukraine in months.

So, if you are actually sure that this is the woman of your dreams, you have nothing else to do except being as patient as possible because you will be able to take her to your place eventually.

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Dating Ukrainian women allows you to get more connections

Nevertheless, there is a positive side of relationships with a Ukrainian lady who has dozen of relatives because they all can be of use to you. Surely, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow but you cannot deny that having some strong connection may help you out one day.

It does not matter that the majority of these relatives live in Ukraine all the time because you will have to fly there at least a few times a year just to visit your Ukrainian wife’s parents. This is when you will have a chance of seeing your new relatives once again.

Try to perceive this as a positive experience even if you do not like the biggest part of your new family members because it is an essential part of dating Ukrainian women, especially if you are sure that she is the one for you.

The most important point is that you should never start a conflict or something just because you cannot find common ground with a random uncle or cousin from your Ukrainian lady’s family just because it may spoil the positive attitude to you. If you do not feel like talking to anybody of them, you should just leave because it is still better and not so rude in comparison with arguing.

Postpone your family meetings if you are dating online

You have a great chance to avoid all these family gatherings at least for some time if you are having relationships with a Ukrainian girl through the Internet. You see, the mere fact that you do not see each other in reality, allows you to postpone your acquaintance with a Ukrainian girl’s parents for long enough.

Nonetheless, you should not avoid this topic just to show your potential bride that you are not afraid of being a part of a large family. It would be even better if you show that you are actually glad to become her family member for real.

Certainly, you should have this idea from the very beginning when you only start searching for a Ukrainian girl online since it would look quite silly if you try to turn your real-life dating into virtual one. You can be sure that your Ukrainian female will not get your point there.

In everything else, it is the same process of dating Ukrainian women just like you got used to doing. You should just understand and appreciate the fact that your relationships develop in a slower way and you may use it as an advantage for you unless you feel fine about meeting all her family members as soon as possible.

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Choose the ones you like indeed

It cannot be so that you hate every relative of your Ukrainian wife because you just need to get acquainted with them closer. Then, you will notice that you have some common hobbies or interests that may actually bring you closer together.

There will be nothing wrong with it if you ask your Ukrainian girl about her relatives in detail. She will gladly agree to do it for you because she only wants you to become her real family member without feeling as if you are an extra person.

However, you will have to learn Ukrainian if you have not done it yet before starting dating Ukrainian women because it will be quite hard to communicate with those who are 40 or older.

You should not compare them with your modern Ukrainian bride who knows at least 2-3 languages. Therefore, try to take the initiative and you will see that some of her uncles or aunts will even help you to take your first steps in this difficult activity.

This process will definitely make you feel as if you are already your Ukrainian woman’s husband even if your ceremony will be only in a few months. At this moment, you will realize the reason why all Ukrainian girls always want to come back home.

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