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Dating Kharkov women – what is it like?

If you’ve decided to search for the woman of your dream in Ukraine, perhaps you wonder what city you should start with. There are plenty of beautiful, smart and accomplished girls all over the country, but some places do offer more opportunities for finding someone special than others. We believe that Kharkov is one of such places. This city is a great choice amongst other places in Ukraine when it some sot finding a potential life partner.

Kharkov women have lot to offer in terms of love, devotion and family values. If you visit this city and meet the ladies who live there, you’ll understand why so many foreign men flock to Kharkov in searches for a romantic relationship.

What makes Kharkov an attractive option?

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, so first of all it’s just the question of numbers. In a large city there are more women, and therefore you have more chances to meet that special someone. We should also mention that Kharkov was the third largest educational centre in the former Soviet Union. There are lots of universities and colleges in this city, and it means that plenty of young and attractive girls study there to get their degrees. Not having a degree is frowned upon in the Ukrainian society, even if a woman is not career oriented and her primary goal is to be a good housewife and mother. Thanks to these girls you have a vast array of choices when it comes to dating in Kharkov.

Girls in Kharkov for a romantic relationship and marriage

Why should you choose Kharkov?

If you compare Kharkov with other large cities in Ukraine like Kiev or Odessa, there are some advantages to dating Kharkov women. Generally speaking, they put less demands than ladies in other cities. Apart from that, prices in Kharkov are significantly lower, which is an important factor to consider if you come to Ukraine for an extended period of time. It doesn’t cost much at all to eat in the local restaurants on a daily basis, and you will definitely enjoy the dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine. Make sure to taste borscht, golubtsi , mlyntsi, pyrizhky and other delicacies the restaurants have to offer. If you’re lucky to marry of the beautiful Krarkov women, these dishes will be a part of your daily menu. Does it sound like a good deal? This is one of the many positive changes in your life after marrying a Ukrainian lady.

The city is quite secure for a foreign visitor, and it has a developed infrastructure for tourists. You won’t have any problem finding a decent hotel, rented apartment or even hostel. All the options are reasonable priced. There are lots of beautiful parks and squares to walk with someone special hand-in-hand and talk of everything under the sun. You can ask a woman to show you her favourite places in Kharkov, and there is no chance you’ll go at least through the half of them until the end of your visit.

Meet women in Kharkov and other cities in Ukraine

Distinctive character traits of women in Kharkov

Why would you go for Kharkov women? Well, there are many advantages a marriage with a girl form this city has to offer. The majority of women in Kharkov are very beautiful. It’s no secret that Ukrainian ladies take their appearance very seriously. Beautiful looks are a way to success. If you’re attractive, there are more chances to make a good match. It’s pleasant to attract attention on the streets and in public transport, after all. When in Kharkov, you’ll see pretty girls everywhere. They have a perfect make up on, and their hair is like from the TV advertisement of the most expensive shampoo.

They also manage to buy stylish and beautiful outfits even if their income is far from being decent. A Ukrainian woman would rather eat the most basic food for the whole month rather than refuse purchasing a dress she likes. Girls are taught self-care since they’re very young. All in all, you’ll love what you get to see. Some foreign men admit they meet more beautiful women during a short walk in Kharkov than during an entire life in their own city in the USA, Canada, or Western Europe.

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Apart from pursuing their career, Kharkov women like to keep their home clean and tidy. They’re familiar with enormous number of tricks and cheats on how to keep a house presentable on a low budget. They love cleanliness, so there is no chance you’ll find any dust on bookshelves or dirty floors in a Kharkov girl’s apartment. This is how their mothers and grandmothers lived, and this is how they are taught to live as well.


The many hardships of life in a country with poor economy have taught Ukrainian women to find the way out of the most impossible situations.

They rarely give up, even when things appear rather desperate. They endure the hardship with dignity, unlike the local men who often find life unbearable and end up drinking and doing drugs. With a woman like this by your side, there is no chance you’ll lose your directions in life.

Beautiful Kharkov ladies searching for love abroad

Well read

The majority of Kharkov women, just like women all over Ukraine, are well educated and highly intelligent. The culture of reading good books, classical novels and poetry is still alive in Ukraine, and almost every young girls is familiar with philosophical concepts described in the best works of the world literature.

There is no chance you’ll get bored when conversing with a Slavic woman. You can discuss everything from French revolution to dystopian novels of the XX century.

In fact, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with a few Russian and Ukrainian authors before making trip to Ukraine in searches of your perfect match.

Emotional and passionate

When you’re in a romantic relationship with a woman from Kharkov, she demonstrates a wide range of emotions, from love and tenderness to anger and fury. A relationship like this never leads to stagnation – a Ukrainian girl definitely knows how to keep the fire burning.

Family oriented

Even the most successful women with brilliant carrier always put the family first. A woman’s calling is to be a wife and mother, and if she fails to find a husband, it’s absolutely impossible for her to live a happy life. Of course, it sounds like something an American housewife in 50s would say, but in Ukraine people still believe so. If a girl is not married by the age of 25, she starts feeling extremely uncomfortable because of tremendous societal pressure. When a woman does get married, she becomes an excellent wife and devoted mother. She lives for her family and does everything to make it a cosy little world where all the inhabitants are happy, satisfied and protected.

There is a huge contrast between Kharkov women and ladies from any western European or American city. While women from the west pursue their hobbies, careers and all sorts of dreams, girls in Ukraine make sure to become wives and mothers first, preferably in their 20s. This is exactly what western men like about Eastern European women, and that’s why Ukrainian women are considered an excellent wife material. And this is exactly what makes Ukrainian women different from Western girls.


Ukrainian women in general and Kharkov women in particular are always up to an exciting adventure. They like to spend their holidays in exotic places and explore other countries. If you’re fond of travelling, a girl from Kharkov will make a perfect travel companion. Ukrainian women are open to new experiences – they like to learn new things and visit new places. This is the reason why they quickly adapt to a new surrounding when marrying a foreign man and moving abroad.

These are just a few reasons why you should give Kharkov women a go. Start from making acquaintances via dating sites, talk to a few girls from this city and see whether you feel inspired. You can also approach single women when you’re in Kharkov – getting to know the local beauties is an exciting adventure in itself. All the best in your romantic endeavours!

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