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Beautiful single women: dating customs in Ukraine

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of learning dating customs in Ukraine. There are so many beautiful single women walking there and only a small part of them has relationships with a man. Moreover, even the smaller part has a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Do you think it happens because of Ukrainian girls? Are they doing anything wrong? Actually, there is only a small group of men who deserves Ukrainian women’s attention. Most frequently, the problem lies in men themselves.

It is crucially important for foreign men to learn a proper approach when dating a Ukrainian lady because it will grant you the opportunity to ask her out once again. You do not want your meeting to be one-night-stand, do you?

If you are looking for a serious and prospective relationship, you should start learning Ukrainian dating customs as soon as possible. Since Ukrainian women will never change, you are the one who should develop a great strategy in order to steal her heart.

You should remember that a pretty girl would never agree about going out with a man who cannot make her interested in him. Why would she spend her precious time on that? Therefore, your task is to make her attracted to you from the very first date.

It will be able only if you follow tips and advice listed below. Some of them may seem hilarious and odd, but that is the way things work in Ukraine.

You are the one who invites her

All the beautiful single women in Ukraine always expect men to make the first step. Even if a Ukrainian girl is interested in a particular man, she is not likely to do anything towards him. They just consider it extremely rude if a woman invites a man on a date. Ukrainian ladies do not appreciate such things.

You should put aside your doubts and hesitations and ask her out. Ukrainian girls prefer dating confident and strong men. If she sees that you like her but do not do any steps towards her, she is likely to forget about you quite soon.

Sometimes it happens that Ukrainian women can slightly push a prospective gentleman to a date, but it happens rarely. It is an exception, not the rule. Even if she does so, it already means that you seem insecure to her.

If a Ukrainian woman has to do the first step, she just wants to play with you. She will never start a family with you because of your uncertainty, which you showed on your first date.

Ukrainian girls want your attention

Punctuality matters

It is the absolute truth that Ukrainian women are allowed to be late for their dates. However, men should come to the date earlier than women do. As a rule, men come 15-20 minutes before the date starts.

Keep in mind that you should never blame your Ukrainian girl for being late. Otherwise, she will think of you as a rude and ill-mannered boy. You should not even show a sign of irritation towards her.

It does not matter if it is freezing outside or hot as hell, you should show your patience and stay calm in any situation. You should think of kissing and hugging your Ukrainian girlfriend, and it will definitely help you.

However, most cunning Ukrainian women can make men wait for them for a long time on purpose. In such a way, they test how patient their potential husband is. So, keep that trick in your head every time when you are about to get angry.

Bring her a wonderful bouquet of flowers

You cannot even imagine how Ukrainian girls enjoy flowers. It seems that they are ready to date with a man only because he brings her a bouquet of flowers every time they are going out.

Ukrainian girls do not want you to wait for a particular day of the year or some special occasions to bring her flowers. They expect you to remember it every time you are going somewhere together.

You may think that is it too expensive to bring her flowers every time you meet, but you should stay calm and remember the following rules:

  • Ukrainian girls do not expect the most expensive flowers. They will be quite satisfied with roses, daisies, or even field flowers. Actually, some Ukrainian women really appreciate wild flowers because they consider it a really romantic gesture.
  • In no case, you should bring her an even number of flowers because it is considered bad luck in Ukraine. All the Ukrainian people strongly believe that an even number of flowers should be placed only on graves.
  • It should not always be a huge bouquet. If you see this girl every day and you spend your whole time together, it is silly to bring her a big bouquet every time. It can be 3-5 roses or lilies. It will be more than enough for her to smile for the rest of the day.
  • You should remember that a bunch of flowers can be really irritating sometimes. If you are going to the restaurant, there will be no vase to put your bouquet in it. Therefore, it will be extremely inconvenient to walk for her when she has to keep your bouquet all the time.

These flower tips will definitely help you steal your Ukrainian girlfriend’s heart if they are used properly.

Beautiful Ukrainian ladies

You are to pay the bill

This tradition is widespread throughout Eastern Europe. In fact, Ukrainian women think that every man should follow this tradition, no matter if he is a foreigner or not.

You are not likely to find a more popular custom concerning dating Ukrainian women because even the poorest men know that they are to pay the bill at the restaurant when they invite a Ukrainian lady there.

If you allow your Ukrainian girlfriend to open her purse, you immediately start looking foolish and ill-bred. You should always be ready to pay for two, especially if you are the one who organized the date. It will certainly be you if you followed the first advice.

Luckily, Ukrainian girls are super fit and that is why they do not eat too much. It is their secret rule to eat less than a man does, especially on the first date. Ukrainian women do not want you to pay too much for food. They go to the restaurant to spend a nice evening with you, not to eat at your expense.

As a rule, Ukrainian ladies order no more than one dish, and they are absolutely satisfied with that. They also appreciate good wines and cocktails. So, it is better for you to spend your money on a bottle of fine wine than something else.

Remember to dress appropriately

You surely want to see your Ukrainian woman dressed at her highest level possible. Particularly, when it comes to your first date. You expect her to shine like a start so that everyone would notice her beauty.

The thing is that she also wants the same from you. Ukrainian girls pay a lot of attention not only to their appearance but also to yours. They spend an infinite number of hours in front of the mirror just to put their makeup right.

In addition, they try different hairstyles, dresses, and shoes. They do it in order to attract you even more, and so that it would not be embarrassing for you to walk alongside her.

You should do everything possible so that your appearance to meet her expectations. It is advisable to discuss your dressing style in advance because it should perfectly match with each other.

In case if you do not know what to wear, and you are too shy to ask your Ukrainian girlfriend about it, you can set your sights on a classic look. It will definitely work out quite well. Your Ukrainian girlfriend will not be disappointed.

Tips on dating hot Ukrainian chicks

No kissing on the first date

This rule also applies to any possible physical contact. The only thing you are allowed doing is kissing her hand before your first date ends. You should not feel offended or anything else because it is another tradition in Ukraine.

You see, Ukrainian girls, date men in order to marry one of them in the end, not to have sex with them. It is a rare thing that a Ukrainian lady will have such an intention.

It is unacceptable for you to insist on physical contact after your first date because your Ukrainian girlfriend will be immediately scared away. If you are willing to develop your relationship in order to marry a Ukrainian woman later, you should avoid doing such things.

You will have enough sex with her after you prove your loyalty to her. Ukrainian girls do not like having sex with strangers. They are ready to do it only with a prospective husband.

Some of the Ukrainian girls even insist on marriage first, and only then, you can count on sex with them. This tradition is one of the oldest in Ukraine, and you are not likely to change it right away.

It is much easier to find more beautiful single women in Ukraine than to keep one of them forever. So, it is your choice: build a long-lasting relationship with a Ukrainian girl or break up with her and start looking for easy sex.

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