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“Beautiful” in Ukrainian: sweet words to use when dating online

Whether you date a Ukrainian girl or only hope to start a romantic relationship with one of Eastern European beauties, it’s important to keep in mind that Slavic women adore compliments. Praising her stunning appearance, brilliant intellect, impressive skills or professional achievements is a must if you’d like to win her heart. It will have even more weight if you learn how to say a couple of sweet words in her mother tongue. Saying you’re beautiful in Ukrainian from time to time will go a long way if you expect to establish a long lasting relationship with a girl.

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Complimenting her this way is very easy – you just have to remember two words: Ty vrodlyva (ти вродлива), or Ty garna (ти гарна). If you’d like to say she’s very beautiful, all you have to do is add the word duzhe (дуже) – ty duzhe vrodlyva (ти дуже вродлива).

It will flatter a girl to know that you’ve taken some trouble over learning a few words in her mother tongue. Besides, you will always have something to say if you don’t know what to converse about. A Ukrainian phrase here and there will help you break the ice and avoid an awkward silence.

However, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t focus only on her appearance. There are plenty of aspects to an average Ukrainian girl’s personality that are worth complimenting. Make sure to let her know you appreciate her as a person.

Don’t focus on her appearance alone

Although Ukrainian women tend to take extra trouble over their appearance, they expect more from you than merely praising her external looks. She knows she is good looking – lots of men have already told her these things before you.

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You’ll have to be more original in order to impress her – merely saying she’s beautiful in Ukrainian, Russian or your native language will not do.

If you date her online, first thing you need to do is to study her profile thoroughly. This will help you make out what is really important for her. If she’s a career oriented girl, tell her how your admire her being ambitious and purposeful. If she’s into volunteering and helping other, admire her kind heart and willingness to make a self sacrifice. If she is an accomplished artist, make sure to pay tribute to her mastery of the brush. There are so many ways a woman can be given a flattering compliment!

Let her know what exactly attracted you in her profile. There are so many men who send mindless and generic messages to Ukrainian women on international dating sites, thinking that a girl would not be able to make out they were not written specifically for her. Don’t be one of those pathetic guys. Show her that there is a thinking person behind your profile picture who can appreciate things that are really good.

Say you’re beautiful in Ukrainian to please your girlfriend and show your appreciation

It’s fine to mention external beauty sometimes

However, if you’ve been dating a girl for an extended period of time, it’s alright to praise her appearance from time to time. She already knows that you appreciate her inner beauty, complex personality and sharp mind.

And it’s also pleasant for her to realize that you find her attractive and desirable. Avoid vulgar or exceedingly sensual comments on her physicals aspects. Sexy compliments have no place in a long distance relationship until you meet in real life. Instead, compliment her thoughtful eyes, her beautiful and heart-warming smile, her voice, her manner of speaking.

Also, if you notice that she took some extra trouble in order to impress her, it’s important to acknowledge her efforts. For example, you have a Skype date, and she curled her hair beautifully, or bought a new dress, or tried a different lipstick. She’ll be glad to know you notice the slightest changes in her appearance.

As we mentioned above, it’s not enough to say you’re beautiful in Ukrainian – it’s highly recommended to go for something more specific. For example, you want to say you like her hair style – meni podobaet’sya tvoya zachiska (Мені подобається твоя зачіска). Here are a few similar statements:

  • Meni podobaet’sya tvoya posmishka (Мені подобається твоя посмішка).
  • Meni podobaet’sya tvij golos (Мені подобається твій голос).
  • Meni podobaet’sya tvoya nova suknya (Мені подобається твоя нова сукня).
  • You can also use phrases like Tobi lychyt’ (you look nice with), or tobi tak garno z (it suits you).

Generally speaking, paying compliments when dating someone online is easy. If you feel shy to say such things in person, just write them down in one of your mails on free Ukrainian dating site– the effect will be pretty much the same. It’s even better – she can reread your words as many times as she wants.

Are there any no-no’s when paying compliments to a Ukrainian girl?

Well, there are certain things to avoid when complimenting a Ukrainian lady. For example, it’s considered a big failure on your part if you start comparing her to your ex girlfriends or wives. A typical Slavic girl doesn’t want to know anything about your previous relationships. More than that, she’ll find it extremely rude if you praise someone else’s appearance or character traits in her presence.

Also, it’s not recommended to say she looks good today. This kind of compliment implies she didn’t look good yesterday or last week.

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How to praise her personality traits, skills and intelligence?

If you are eager to compliment her personality traits, you won’t have to wait too long for the right occasion. The majority of Ukrainian girls are smart, compassionate, kind, caring, romantic and easy-going. There are so many ways to praise a woman apart from simply saying you’re beautiful in Ukrainian! For example, you can say:

  • Ty duzhe myla (ти дуже мила) – you’re very sweet.
  • Ya zahoplyuyus’ toboyu (Я захоплююсь тобоою) – I admire you.
  • U tebe chudove pochuttya gumoru (У тебе чудове почуття гумору) – you have a great sense of humour.
  • Ty duzhe smilyva (ти дуже смілива) – you’re very brave.
  • Ty duzhe rozumna (Ти дуже розумна) – you’re very clever.

These are only a few examples of how you can pay a nice compliment to a Ukrainian woman. B generous with your compliments – it will make her appreciate your presence in her life. And it goes without saying that she’s going to praise you back, too.

Should you learn sweet words in Ukrainian or Russian?

When you date a Ukrainian girl, it’s important to keep in mind that two languages are spoken in her homeland. And instead of saying your beautiful in Ukrainian you should be saying you’re beautiful in Russian. Most people are bilingual in Ukraine, but in some regions only one language predominate, and it’s either Russian or Ukrainian. In the west they speak Ukrainian and tend to take a choice of language very seriously.

There is a possibility that an exceedingly patriotic girl from western Ukraine will actually scorn you if you try talking to her in Russian. In the east and south of the country, on the contrary, the majority of people speak Russian, so feel free to learn a few phrases in this language. In any case, if a girl is sensible, she’ll appreciate you taking so much trouble anyway.

Saying something in any Slavic language is no easy task for a foreigner, and your efforts are sure to be rewarded. Besides, you can ask a woman well in advance what language she prefers to speak in day to day life.

Being able to say a few phrases in your women’s mother tongue is very sexy. Don’t waste this opportunity to impress a woman you date online or in real life. When she hears you saying she’s beautiful in Ukrainian, it’s going to be like music for her ears. After all, it’s only fair if you learn a few words in her language. She speaks English to some extent, and that’s why your relationship is possible to start with. All the best!

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