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A comprehensive guide to writing letters on Ukrainian dating sites

If you’ve decided to start a romantic relationship with a charming Slavic lady, the first thing you should do is to register on Ukrainian dating sites. Online dating is becoming increasingly popular these days, and lots of women from Eastern Europe use online dating services in order to find a western man for love and marriage. Corresponding with women before meeting them face to face gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know their thoughts, aspirations, dreams, and views on life in general and romantic relationship in particular.

If writing letters is something you’ve never done before, you may find it challenging to contact women and keep their interest. But with sufficient practice, you’ll get to enjoy the very process of composing a thoughtful letter and exchanging thoughts and ideas with a woman you like. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on how to improve the quality of your messages on Ukrainian dating sites.

Things to do before you write your first letter

Before you start sending out messages through the site you’re registered on, there are certain things you have to do in order to increase your overall response rate:

Create a profile

Having a decent profile on a dating site is a must if you intend to impress a woman. Before contacting ladies, make sure you have an attractive profile picture where your face is clearly visible. All the profile fields should be filled in, and the general tone of your voice should be positive and optimistic. Don’t say you’re searching for a woman because you’re lonely and miserable, and you want her to make you happy. Instead, you should say that you’re happy and it’s your intention to share this happiness with someone special.

Do a search

After your profile is ready, do a quick search on the site. Specify age, height and weight, eye colour, education, number of kids, English level and what not.

Select several profiles you liked the most. Read these profiles carefully – there is nothing as irritating as being asked about things you’ve already covered on your page.

Pay attention to the partner requirements section, and if you feel you can meet a woman’s expectations, consider writing to her. On the other hand, if you don’t match her requirements, you shouldn’t waste time corresponding with this person. Most probably it won’t work out.

Man doing a search on Ukrainian dating sites

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Start writing

When writing to a woman for the first time, use the information she’s shared in her profile. Choose a few points you have in common. Highlight the qualities that you find the most important. Open a Word document and write a letter with an emphasis on things she said in her profile. For example, if she likes to travel, you can write about your travel experiences, preferably something amusing and fun.

You may wonder how long your message should be. It depends. There are no universal rules about the length of one’s letters on Ukrainian dating sites. If you feel a woman you’re trying to start a correspondence with likes long letters, write more. If her profile was short and laconic, write less. If the words flow freely, don’t restrict yourself – the more you say the better she’ll get to know you. If you find it rather challenging, to force yourself to write a long letter – a short and sweet message will work just as well.

Don’t forget to call her by her name to make your message sound personal. It will be great if you also attach a few pictures with your letter – they will illustrate your words and give a better idea about you.

After you finished writing, proofread your letter and make sure there are no grammar mistakes.

After all, you want to give an impression of an educated and well-read person, right? When all the editing is done, send the letter through the message box on the site.

After you sent the letters, all you have to do is wait for responses. If a woman doesn’t respond, feel free to send her a short follow-up message after a few days. If you don’t hear from hear after that, consider her not interested.

How many women should you write to?

At the initial stages of online dating, it’s recommended to write to at least 10 women whose profiles you like. There is nothing wrong with this approach – you just have to go for numbers. Some of them won’t respond, others will stop writing after a couple of messages, so the list of women you’re writing to will inevitably get shorter on its own. Later, when your correspondence on Ukrainian dating sites is narrowed down to just 3-4 girls, you can choose the one you’re most attracted to.

Girl from Eastern Europe on a dating site

What shout you write about?

In the course of your correspondence, write approximately as much as a woman writes. Remember, you should keep your letters positive, radiating confidence and optimism. Make sure to discuss everything she mentions in her letters, and to answer all her questions. Things to talk about may include:

  • day-to-day life;
  • career;
  • family;
  • hobbies;
  • pets;
  • love, relationships and marriage.

Keep in mind that it’s a romantic correspondence, so try to win a woman’s heart with compliments, but don’t overdo with a sweet talk. Generally speaking, your letter shouldn’t sound like a casual message to your buddy. It should be a letter of a man to woman he’s interesting in.

Also, in the world of today with so many means of communication, don’t limit your communication to exchanging letters.

Diversify your long distance relationships via Ukrainian dating sites as much as possible. Send her SMS and WhatsApp messages, chat online, make voice and video calls.

Things to be aware of

When you correspond with women, there are certain things to be aware of:

  • Avoid any negativity in your conversations. No one wants to listen to complaints, rants and angry talk. Try to keep positive and cheerful even when something makes you sad or irritable.
  • You should always check your letters before hitting the “send” button. A single mistake can ruin your entire relationship and put an end to a wonderful experience. For example, it can happen when you call her by someone else’s name.
  • Don’t talk too much about your previous relationships. It’s ok to mention your ex wife or girlfriend casually when talking about your life, but it’s not recommended to go into detail.
  • Don’t share your personal details right away. Lots of men prefer to take the whole interactions off the Ukrainian dating sites right after the first message. However, it’s important to make sure you trust a person enough to share some sensitive information.
  • If a woman asks for money or keeps complaining about hr financial problems, it’s recommended to cut the cable – the chances are you’re dealing with a gold digger. Be alert and try to avoid Ukraine dating scams.
  • Don’t type your message in the message box on the site. It’s more reliable to compose it in a Word Document – this way you’ll never lose your message.
  • If you send the same ready-made letter to many women, make sure to personalize it a bit. A woman can always make out when it’s a canned mail.
Writing messages on international dating sites

Helpful tips

These useful tips will help you in the course of your correspondence:

  • If a girl doesn’t respond to your carefully crafted letters and follow up messages, don’t bombard her with mails asking for an explanation. Just move on and write to someone else.
  • Don’t forget to send her new pictures on a regular basis. With the advent of modern technologies, we can take hundreds photos every day, so why not taking advantage of this?
  • Write as often as it’s needed to keep your communication alive.
  • From time to time, write an old-fashioned letter on paper and send it via snail mail. A hand-written letter is something she’ll really appreciate.

These are some tips to make your experience on Ukrainian dating sites a wonderful success! If your relationship works out, you can expect lots of positive changes in your life after marrying a woman you were writing to.

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