Things to know when dating a woman from Ukraine

It seems like every culture has its own reputation. For example, Arabic culture is known as pretty closed one, where a woman is only to stay at home and raise the kids, while a man works. There are some more modern couples, but in the core, it’s all the same. In most of European countries, there is a more modern way of living. With the appearance of the pop-culture, most of them have a bit mixed up gender roles and what is expected of them to do in society. Girls are looking to be a lot tougher and guys are more emotional. But, when it comes to talking about Ukraine, that is a whole new story. Ukraine is a country that has very interesting culture.

There aren’t divided gender roles like in Arabic culture, nor there is pop-culture from the west. Women in Ukraine tend to be as feminine as they can and men tend to be as manly as they can. Ukrainian ladies love accentuating their curves and their beauty by wearing tight and flashy clothes that reveals a bit and they always look to have their make up and hair done when they are about to go out of their houses. And what they look for in a man is the same amount of dedication to the appearance. Dressing causal or in baggy clothes is simply something that Ukrainian ladies don’t like to see on a man. By their opinions, a man should be dressed more formally, and age appropriate.

In Ukraine women also pay a lot of attention to the way men behave, if they are on the search for the “right one”. A man they prefer having by their sides is a man who isn’t with his head in the clouds, but is staying firmly on the ground, with realistic expectations of life, steady job and who can provide them with a nice life. When it comes to dating, Ukrainian ladies will tend to have those regular type of relationships. Dating for them is going out and seeing only one guy, with an intention to get married to him some day. They are often not ready to leave their country and live in another one, which is one of the important things to know when it comes to dating Ukrainian women. Although most of them prefer this kind of relationships, there are those, who like more modern and “European-like” kind of relationship, where they will be seen as equal with men in any aspect of the life.

To the men from another cultures, Ukrainian women may seem as chaotic or a bit superficial, but it’s only because they are used to seeing totally different reactions from the women from their culture. That is most to be seen in the way Ukrainian women treat the physical relations with men. They don’t feel the need to follow some traditions, which their country, by the way, doesn’t have, and keep themselves from getting into physical relations with men before getting married. That is one of those things that might be considered as rude or unacceptable in other cultures, but in Ukraine that is perfectly normal thing, as well as some flirting, showing off of the one’s sexuality and dressing up flashy. With clothes that shows off their curved and tight bodies a bit, Ukrainian ladies know how to tickle a man’s imagination and make their heads spin. Don’t be so surprised, Ukrainian ladies were the ones who invented a certain way of getting a mans attention.

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