Matchmaking in new suit

Decades ago matchmaking was a very good business. The matchmakers used to get their hands on all single ladies from their country or village and pair them up with single guys from the same place. They usually looked into what those specific persons like or don’t like, their preferences when it comes to getting married as well as in life in general. But, times change and matchmaking business has found its new place- on the internet. And the name “matchmaking” has become more popular as “online dating”. In this virtual world, there are tons of men and women out there, who are seeking for the love of their lives. They all set up profiles on the online dating sites and get matched up. This is the best way to get to know someone who is from across the world, getting to know new cultures and new ways of life.

One of such examples are women from Ukraine. There are lots of profiles on online dating sites whose owners are girls that originate from Ukraine. They all look like movie stars, with the best make up and dressed in the newest fashion clothes. And what may come as a shock is their age- almost all of them are between 18 and 21 to 25. Why at such early age- you might ask. Let’s take a peek into their culture and their way of living, that might explain a lot. First off, Ukrainian women and girls don’t live in a country that has fixed gender roles nor they have so many boundaries and limitations when it comes to behaving in certain manner. For girls it is normal to get married at age between 18 and 25, which is exactly after the college, if they manage to attend one. It’s nothing strange to see an 18 year old Ukrainian girl getting married and being stay at home mom, while her husband pays for everything and provides with everything she needs.

On the other hand, since most of the Ukrainian ladies are looking for a steady relationship, the traditional one which will ultimately end up in marriage, the man they are going to get married to has to have some specific characteristics. He has to be strong as a person as well as physically. The way he looks and dresses up is also important to them, because they are used to men who are dressed more formally than casually. And it is nothing unusual to see a girl who is barely 20 years old with a man who is a lot older than her, because he can provide better than younger guys, and two kids in her arms. But, not all is lost. If you decide to visit Ukraine, be sure to fix your hair and dress up nicely before you go to a bar. And if you, in some case, have that adorable British accent, Ukrainian ladies will be around you in no time.

Still, if you don’t have the qualities they look for in a man, you might end up empty handed after a while. Since they don’t grow up in cultures that have lots of prohibitions like other ones, the most interesting part about Ukrainian ladies is that, it is socially acceptable in their environment to flirt with another people and to show off the curves and sexuality. A lot of things might look like they are getting out of control, but these ladies don’t tend to take things so lightly as the women usually do, and that is because of their freedom and their laid back life style.

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