It’s not all about the looks in Ukraine

Every woman feels the need to have a man by her side, when she thinks about spending her life.And as much as women are all different, when it comes to choosing a partner, they somehow all want the same basic things. And there is no exception when it comes to most beautiful women in the world- Ukrainian girls. Followed by a reputation to be runway models look alike, and with the most amazing bodies, Ukrainian women look like living Barbie dolls as they pass by on the streets. In some countries, like for example in United States, they might actually be mistaken for some celebrity or diva, but in Ukraine, the most of them looks like that on their everyday basis.

They are known to spend a couple of hours while getting ready to go out of their houses and apartments, which indicates only how much they care about their looks. But, what is interesting in that fact is, that they love attracting men, but they are dressing up to look prettier than other women essentially. So, the looks is something that is really important to Ukrainian girls. As they grow up, they tend to get into “serious” relationships, as the people from the west call that kind of relationships. What does that mean? That means that an Ukrainian girl will get involved with only one guy, have a steady relationship with him and will ultimately end up marrying him.

So, it doesn’t seem so odd to them to see a girl, who is barely 20 years old, getting married. And what may come really weird to the foreigners, they usually get married to a guy who is a lot older then they are. The reason for that is the financial side of marriage. An older guy can provide a better life for them and Ukrainian girls don’t mind the age difference. Also, Ukrainian ladies love men, who have good jobs, are emotionally and financially stable in life and can provide them with everything they might need. That is why being a housewife isn’t such a bad thing for Ukrainian ladies.

Also, raising kids is something they are really devoted to as mothers and they see that kind of life as a norm. But, while dating a girl that originates from Ukraine, various men, especially those from western cultures, might be in confusion in some occasions. First off, it is expected for a man to pay for everything, throughout the dating process, as well as later in marriage, unlike in some countries, where the partners always tend to split the bill. And to consider the man as the “right one”, Ukrainian women also look a strong personality to match with everything else. A man has to have a firm hand, be dominant and act as a leader, but also have the strength to be emotional when he needs to and give support, when they need support. In return, Ukrainian ladies have eyes for only one man and are great as housewives.

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