European men meet Ukraine

European men have used to having communication on everyday basis with the women that come from the same culture. But, when it comes to getting to know totally different culture, as for example, Ukraine, men from western countries find themselves confused and sometimes also overwhelmed by the whole bunch of new situations and reactions they come across. That is what it looks like when a man from western culture gets to meet an Ukrainian girl for the first time. As always, since that are two different cultures, there is a lot of funny situations, but also those ones, which make you want to know more about their culture and the way they live.

So, let’s start off with the way Ukrainian girls look and how much they spend in front of the mirror because of that. Wherever you look, ladies in Ukraine look like they just got from the high class magazine photo shooting session. But, they aren’t models, or at least very few of them are, and the rest of the population is simply enjoying in looking good. It is not a rare thing to see an Ukrainian woman getting up for work 2-3 hours earlier, just so she could set her hair and put the make up on. Their personal appearance is really important to them, and they don’t do it only for attracting men, but also to beat the competition- that is to look better than rest of the women.

And when they do go out on the street, with their amazing bodies, long legs and tight clothes that accentuates every curve they have, Ukrainian girls take breaths away and make heads spin. Flirting is a part of their everyday life, because their culture sees only positive sides of showing off their sexuality and attracting the mens attention. When it comes to dating, these ladies have unusual way of looking at the whole process. The majority of Ukrainian ladies tends to get married pretty early, around age of 18 to 21, maybe latest to 25, if they are going to college. And other interesting about their dating is, that they love those old relationship patterns- two people will date each other exclusively and then in most cases end up married to each other. Also, Ukrainian women don’t mind being housewives and taking care of their children.

They are very good mothers and are always there to cook and do the house choirs, while their husbands go to work and provide with finances and everything they need. And it isn’t strange to see an old man getting married to a lot younger girl, because he can provide a better life for her than younger lads. When it comes to picking them up in a bar, you would be surprised how much does a foreign accent help with getting to know these girls. In the case they hear you speaking with Scottish or Australian accent, they will immediately be all over you, because they find these accents very attractive. But, if you aren’t the guy they are looking for, the romance will end very quickly.

Get their attention must be nice looking, well dressed- or better to say more formally than casually dressed, and to be “manly”. That “manly” behavior includes also being dominant and strong, as well as being tender and emotional. So, if you think that this point of view is right for you, and you might really get along with that life style, Ukraine and their ladies are awaiting.

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