Dating process in various cultures

Each culture has its own way in which it sees the whole process of pre-dating, dating and getting into the marriage. In some cultures, man and woman aren’t dating at all, but they get an arranged marriage, like in eastern culture. And in some of the western cultures, dating is the crucial part of getting to know a person, preparing for the life together. One country that is very interesting when considering cultures is certainly Ukraine. They have the most gorgeous ladies in the world and their culture is very specific.

Appearance of these ladies, they are very dedicated to looking as good as they do. Besides their natural beauty, they often spend a few hours in getting their make up and hair done before they go out on the streets. Since Ukrainian girls walk a lot, there is rarely a chubby girl to be seen. Even if these girls do get a few kilos more, they always look amazing. Their curved bodies make men dream about them while they are still awake.

And since the certain art of seduction is practically invented in Ukraine, it’s no wonder that these girls are masters of attracting attention with their flashy clothes and great bodies. Besides that, flirting is one of those things that is considered pretty normal in their culture, as well as showing off the sexuality. Basically, Ukrainian girls are the ones men often dream about. Along side with the looks, these girls also have one pretty amazing attitude when it comes to life- they tend to live it without worries, they don’t stress out a lot, like the women in western cultures usually do. Since there aren’t strict gender roles in the society in Ukraine, women tend to take over the roles they find themselves most comfortable with.

That also includes staying at home after the marriage and taking care of the house and raising the kids, while the husband goes of to work and earns money. Most of the girls is actually dreaming of that life style and they usually enjoy in having the regular traditional relationship with just one guy. Besides this majority, there is a small percentage of Ukrainian women, who like to date online or some of the groups, which are usually in bigger cities, which like to have an open relationship.

Open relationships include one steady partner and more of them on the side, which most of the men from the west aren’t used to having, at least not in a relationship they call “serious”. Because of their culture, their way of life, Ukrainian ladies have some reactions totally different that what most of guys from the western culture would expect girls to have. Culture in Ukraine isn’t very traditional, doesn’t put a lot of pressure on girls, so it might sometimes seem like they don’t have the boundaries and limitations when it comes to “good behavior”. But, what good behavior is lies in the eye of the beholder and it is totally subjective. So, if you do find a nice Ukrainian lady online, fall in love and decide to meet her in person, be sure that two of you have the same ideas about the life together.

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