Customs in Ukraine

Sometimes, in order to get to know a person, you must find out how that person lives, what are the customs in the country and what kind of environment that is. After that, a lot of things will be more clear when specific situations occur, where differences start being dominant and there are a lot of things that are seen from a different perspective.

That is the main reason why interracial couples, married or in a relationship, have problems. Person from one culture often doesn’t quite understand the ways and habits of the other person. That is exactly how men from western countries, like the United States, feel when they get in touch with women from Ukraine like they landed on Mars. Most of reactions and customs, traditions seem like they are from another world. First off, unlike women from their country, Ukrainian girls tend to look after their appearance a lot more.

They are capable of spending hours in front of the mirror getting ready before they are even considering leaving the house. That can be sometimes very stressful for both men and women from another culture, but in Ukraine that is a normal thing for girls. Ukrainian ladies also pay attention to their partners looks. Dressing up in baggy pants and baggy clothes in general is not something they would agree on. More formal dress code with men is something they are used to seeing and this just doesn’t work for them. The next important thing for Ukrainian ladies is that a ma has a strong personality. He has to have all those “manly” skills. Also unlike most of the women in western cultures, Ukrainian women need a man who will be their support, provide them with finances and better life, but also be the shoulder they can rest their heads on. Moral support and expressing emotions are as important as everything else.

In western cultures it is a norm to see a woman working, being tough, having the same lifestyle as the men But, Ukrainian ladies feel a lot more comfortable with being stay at home moms or wives. They feel nice in taking that role on themselves, because in their culture, there aren’t strict and fixed roles, as that is the case in some other cultures, so the people in Ukraine tend to take old traditional gender roles by themselves. While dating an Ukrainian woman, be ready to have to pay for everything, since that is the social norm in their country.

There is nothing strange in Ukraine to see a man providing everything for women, that is understood. And what most of Ukrainian women prefer is to date only one man, which is what people from western cultures call a “serious relationship”. As you already know, that is a kind of a relationship that will ultimately lead to this couple getting married. And if you somehow manage to find Ukrainian girls on online dating sites, be sure that they are just a small amount of the whole population. Usually those girls are more into leaving the country, which isn’t a thing that all of them would do. Still, besides these two kids of ladies, there are some groups of swingers, people who like spicing up their relationships by dating and getting into physical relationships with another married people. Just to be sure, be clear with your Ukrainian girl, from the very beginning, on what kind of relationship you are looking for.

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