Clash of cultures in Ukraine

Getting to meet and date a person from another country and with totally different cultural background is something a number of people would never do, simply because there are lots of things that differ, that might affect the relationship itself. From a couple in love, two people can become worst enemies, because there are situations and reactions which are interpreted differently in different cultures. That is often the case with men from western cultures who are looking for Ukrainian women to date.

First off, finding the “right one” in the sea of profiles on online dating sites isn’t an easy thing to do. And when you do find one, you’ll find out that she belongs to a smaller group of girls, which like to search for their soul mate online. These type of Ukrainian girls make only the small percentage of the whole female population in Ukraine. Most of them, actually, loves having the face to face dating and prefers the old traditional kind of relationships. That means that they will search for the “right one” and exclusively date only that man, in order to make a firm basis for the marriage.

What they expect from their man is also very important. First off, since the Ukrainian girls pay a lot of attention to the looks, it is important to them that a man isn’t dressed in baggy clothes and casually. They like seeing a man dressed in more formal style kind of clothes. Also, he has to have a neatly done hair and be shaved. Next to the looks, Ukrainian women also like when a man is dominant and “manly”. That means that he is the one with leading skills, making most of the decisions, bringing the food to the table and the rest of the stuff that goes along with it.

A guy who is too influenced by the western pop-culture isn’t going to get far with them, because besides his cute American accent, he has nothing to offer from what they want in a man. In Ukraine, gender roles aren’t as dominant as in other cultures. So, men and women tend to take over the roles they find suitable to their needs. That is why most of the girls get married pretty soon, mostly when they are around 21 years old, and tend to take over the gender roles from more traditional countries. They have absolutely no problem staying at home when they get married and taking care of the kids. Being a housewife is something they pretty much enjoy doing. Along with this majority of girls, who are “one man women”, and the girls who prefer online dating, as the form of modern dating, there is also a smaller group of them, who like to leave all of their options open when it comes to dating and living in marriage.

These smaller groups of women prefer having multiple partners, while one is the one they get married to and he is a steady one. So, be careful what you want from your Ukrainian love, she might just want the same thing for real. What also comes of as interesting with Ukrainian ladies is that they tend to live a pretty care free life with not to much worries and love spicing their conversations up with a dose of humor as much as they can.

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