Countries and customs

French women have the reputation of being great lovers. English women have the reputation of being cold in relationship. Italian ladies are known for their passion. Irish girls are like fire to all other cultures. But Ukrainian girls are something very special. Like a unique mix of all the best stuff there is. First off, they are all gorgeous, which makes them part of the group that is considered to have the most beautiful women in the world. The typical Ukrainian woman is attractive, with long legs and blonde hair and is looking like she stepped out of the magazine cover. They make sure to look like that at all times when they are to go out on the street.

Reputation of spending more than few hours when getting ready, but the waiting pays off, that is for sure. When they do go out on the streets, Ukrainian ladies dress more to beat the competition than to attract men. But, making their minds go crazy as they pass by with a bit of flirting along the way is something Ukrainian girls love to do. Also, flirting is considered a good thing in their culture, so don’t be surprised if you get a lots of flirty looks as you walk the streets of any Ukrainian city. Also, the first thing one might notice in Ukraine is that, besides clothes that reveals a bit much and lots of flirting, Ukrainian women tend to live their lives without care.

They enjoy in the typical female role in the society, which means that during the dating process as well as in marriage, a man pays for everything and provides with everything she needs. Ukrainian girls don’t mind getting married early and getting married for 10 years older guy, which might come off as weird and a bit resentful to men from western countries. Being a housewife and raising the kids is pretty much a norm with most of Ukrainian women. Also, lots of them aren’t as ready to leave their country. Still, there is a smaller percentage of those, who are more into seeing the world, finding their match through an online dating site and moving out of the Ukraine.

But, what they all look for in a man seems to be like written in their genes. A man that is characterized by Ukrainian women as “perfect man” is that “manly” man, with leadership and dominance skills, who can decide on anything and isn’t afraid to take the lead. He is with his both feet on the ground and is stable when it comes to seeing things as they are, for real. If you have a cute accent, you might get the attention of hot Ukrainian girls, who will approach you, but if you don’t have the whole package, you might just end up empty handed. Sometimes, because of these cultural differences, lots of guys come to Ukraine expecting one thing, and when they get something totally different, they might think that they have been scammed or something like that. So, make sure to get to know the life style in Ukraine before you get into an adventure like that.

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