Men are from Mars and women from Ukraine

In the last few decades dating a person from another country and culture has become a lot more accepted and popular that it was before. And since the invention and upgrading of the computers and the rest of the high tech gadgets, as well as the increasing of the internet speed, matchmaking has found its place right there- on the internet. So, over the course of years, lots of online dating sites have been developed and their job is the same as the matchmakers- to find the perfect match for the one who is looking for a life partner. Today, these sites are often overwhelmed with profiles of girls and ladies who originate from Ukraine. And if you catch a minute and browse through their profiles, you’ll notice that they are all great looking with nice hair and make up. “Maybe they look like that just for their profile photos”, you might think, but the truth is, they look like that all the time. Unlike women from the western culture, Ukrainian ladies really put their effort into looking like that.

They are known to spend a couple of hours getting all ready and styled before they leave the home. And when they do leave their homes, they look like top models. Since their society works in that manner, Ukrainian women are feeling pretty comfortable getting out on the street in some flashy and tight clothes that accentuates their curves. That is exactly the reason why they tend to seem more feminine and more attractive than women from the western culture. And with Ukraine being the place of birth of the specific art of getting the mans attention and seducing, it’s no wonder that they know how to walk the walk. Unlike women from western and eastern culture, which tend to dress up more modestly, in the best case (when it comes to women from western culture) see them in knee length dress or skirt, Ukrainian ladies love showing off their figure and flirting with men.

Traditions and moral standards aren’t as strict in Ukraine as they are in other western and eastern cultures, so Ukrainian women don’t have such moral prohibitions like the women from those countries. For Ukrainian girls, having physical relations before marriage is nothing special, they don’t feel the need to keep their virginity until they get married. Still, that doesn’t mean that these girls will take everything so lightly. What might come of as surprise, after mentioning this life style, Ukrainian ladies prefer having these usual relationships. Dating exclusively one guy and getting married to him is something the majority of girls dreams of, besides having a couple of kids. And when it comes to gender roles in society and in marriage, they feel the best at taking the traditional female roles and staying at home while the husband goes off to work.

And their husbands, or men they choose to spend their lives with also have to fulfill some standards. First off, a man has to also take care of his looks. They don’t like guys who wear baggy pants and too casual clothes. And since the most of their men are leaning towards formal clothing, that is one hint to follow in order to win an Ukrainian girl over. Also the man has to be tough, strong as a person, to have that “manly” behavior. Leadership and dominance are also skills that these women prefer to see in a man. But, what is toughness without some passion and emotions? But, in order to get their attraction in a bar, sometimes the only thing that takes is to start speaking with a cute American or Scottish accent, although British and Australian might also do the trick, and they will be instantly interested in what you have to say. If you plan on getting married with a girl from Ukraine, make sure to have the same relationship preferences as she does, because, unlike most of the girls, there are some smaller groups that like to keep their relations and marriage open and mix it up a little bit with other people.

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